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Friday, August 12, 2011

Hello London!!

Leaving SG in another 4hours time, dont exactly know what i'm feeling right now..
Kinda excited cuz it's EUROPE!!! I can finally get to see the REAL Eiffel Tower in Paris, get to experience the famous Edinburgh International Festival in Scotland, & of cuz shopping in London!!
Feeling a lil',mmm no, quite nervous actually cuz it's my friggin 1ST TIME taking a flight ALL ALONE. :( 17hours flight... sigh how to kill the boredom when there's no companion :'(
Then again, feeling a lil messed up and sad at the same time. I still don't quite know all the places of interest esp in Edinburgh &Paris, this feeling is kinda shitty. & i cant bear to leave all my friends too :( Gonna miss them truckloads. Y'all know who you are ;)
But at the same time, feeling happy cuz i can finally take a break, &be away from everything in sg.

SO anyway.... the plan is i'll fly from SG to Dubai to transit (i hate transiting cuz i have this fear of missing the plane/getting lost), then from Dubai to London!
After crossing customs, i'm supposed to take the Underground (Tube) train!
1) Take the PICADILLY LINE from Heathrow Airport Terminal to South Kensington Station
2) Take the CIRCLE/DISTRICT LINE from South Kensington to Victoria

Then  i'm gon' exit the station and meet my sis at the WHSmith Bookshop!

HAHAHAHA sounds so friggin exciting to meeeeee~~ lugging all the luggage taking the train! hahaha
hopefully i won't get lost man~

Okaydokeyyy gotta go get ready for my flight soon!

Bye peeps!!!

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