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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Greetings from Edinburgh!!


Almost missed my flight this morning from London to Scotland hahah omg, why am i always like that :(
Then i got stranded in Edinburgh Airport for a while cuz 1) i forgot to bring the hotel's check in paper & 2) idk how to get to the hotel :(
Anyway, Edinburgh here is damn cold right now, 12 degrees celsius, with cold wind &rain..
& the worst thing is that i don't have enough outerwears with me :( gua gua guaaa~

Visiting Edinburgh Castle tmr, hope it's great! The buildings here are so pretttyyyy, different from London's kind in the sense that, it's all very castle-like? & they are all in very muddy/greyish/brownish colour which gives this very ancient feel, though they are not quite photo-appealing :(


ps: I WANNA WATCH MILITARY TATOO BADLY!! It's like one of the MUST DO thing here in August but tickets all sold out :'(

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