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Monday, May 02, 2011

Some Loots

5631816843_419cd99f63_z hervelvetvase Pavlova Shirt in Black $25 PTP 18.5 L 30 Sleeve 11
A basic button up top in black!! So simple yet it took me ages to find!!!!! ^^ So happy when they manufactured it!

OSF Black Fur Envelope Clutch $28 Height 9 width 13 Fits A4 with detachable sling
OSF Black Fur Clutch! I hope it arrives before bb's bd so i can use it!!

more bikinis again for my phuket trip hahahah! i'm a bikini whore~

NEW BB HOUSING FOR MY 9780 IN CANDYPOP COLOURS!! After which I'm gonna bring it to bangkok and zhng it with blingzz all over!!!
So bimbo but i like!!!! :D

000xgt0t Dreamcatcher1 $20



Got a Dreamcatcher necklace as well~~ like quite pretty huh? Wear it tgt with bikini take pictures also like quite nice!

and finally an oversized sheer cream knitted tunic!

Oh wait! I got a polaroid album as well! To store up to 120 instax films!! I needed them so badly... mine are all now 'crushed' inside my Coach wristlet.. so not cool~

Okay that's the results of being too stressed! hahahahahaha
Back to studying naoooooo~



  1. where do you get your polaroid album from?

  2. Where did you get your bikini from! Very nice!

  3. OMG SAME BIKINI AGAIN HAHAHAHAHAH thats the local BS i bought from!!!


  4. U fix the bb housing urself?? where did you get it from!!

  5. nope my friend is helping me to fix it!

  6. where did u get ur dreamcatcher necklace from?

  7. some community livejournal! it was the last one though!