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Monday, May 02, 2011

Feeling the jitters

Omg exams are just in 2 days time, and 9 more days before eveything is over for Year 1. Time really seems to pass really fast... It's like i was still a freshie a few mths ago and now... a Year 2 soon. Too fast, things are really happening too quickly. It's like no wonder people says once your age hits the digit 2, time seems to pass even faster and before u know it, you're hitting the digit 3.. :(
I'm really hoping that i can do well for my Econs, Stats & Math... for IBM and Accounting, i srsly dont pin much hopes, esp management accounting. SOMEONE KILL ME PLEASE!!!!!
Anyway, can't wait for the post exam activities!!! Like partying!!!!!!!!!!!! B's birthday, 1 week worth of Phuket holiday in July + FULL MOON PARTY YAYYY, my Sis's wedding banquet dinner, my 21st (which is 2days after her wedding!! talk about clash!! where got time to prepare for mine!!!) and finally Bangkok with B in August. Okay seems like i'm breaking my promise to my korean penpal about visiting Korea in Sept :( EEHHH I RLY WANNA GO KOREA and see all the shuai ges! hehehehe hopefully i'm able to do an exchange next yr in Korea!!!

Talking abt my 21st, i can't decide whether to hold it in Aranda Country Club (which is at downtown east area) or Studio M (which is near town area).... i really want Studio M but it seems kinda small from the pics + it's at town!!! Yeap i know it's accessible but then!!!!!! Most of my friends stay in the East which makes Aranda a better choice? U know cab home and everything also cheaper..... and i intend to make ir a 3D2N thingy so the other day i can invite my closer relatives and they all happen to stay in the East too.. but Studio M is afterall a hotel which makes it more appealing... aiyo idk man feel so vexed over it :( Prices are abt the same for both... Also must think abt the catering services... Aranda can cater cuz it's more geared to be like a chalet-kinda-place but Studio M is a hotel, can cater food inside the room? I think like no right? SIGHHHHHH then my guests eat what!!! 
SO HOW!!!!

And also the theme for my 21st... gotta think bout it soon!!!!

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