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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Phuket Day 1

Picture 002 Picture 004
On the plane~~ We flew there via Tiger Airways ^^

Picture 005
& bb gave me a letter to be read on the planeeee (ok i miss him nowww :( )

We arrived in less than 2hrs, took a minivan to our hotel which costs us 150baht each!
It's cheaper to take minivan cuz the cab fare could be anywhere around 500-600baht which is $$$ but one thing about the minivan is that, you've gotta wait till the whole van fills up (total of 11ppl) before the van would depart! So meanwhile, can just nua and doh inside the van if u had very lil sleep (like us) hahaha!

And this is our hotel room:
Picture 007
APK Resort and Spa!
The people are so niceeee! Check in time was 2pm but they allowed us to check in at 11am without charging us, and what's more they gave us a FREE UPGRADE!! The room we initially booked (no pics though) was the cheapest room and i rmb reviews saying it wasnt very nice etc but thank god for the free upgrade! ;)

Picture 008

Then Mr Mark came (so punctual at 11am!!) to discuss about our day tours! If u're going Phuket contact Mr Mark for tours! He's v niceee and the tour packages price are reasonable too :)

Ok so for Day 1, we decided to head to Coral Island for the nice and quiet beach + parasailing!!
Picture 009

Picture 011
idk why i looked so weird here :/ but anw we are on the speedboat to coral island!

Picture 014

We did parasailing~~
Picture 015
That's Stef!

Picture 018
whooo caught in action!

& its my turn!!
Picture 022

Picture 027

wheee so fun okayy!! but lasted for a SUPER DUPER SHORT WHILE only :(
Picture 030

Nth else to do so we started camwhoring!
Picture 031 Picture 033

Picture 037 Picture 036

Picture 041 Picture 039

Picture 044 Picture 043

& snorkel!
Picture 048

Picture 049

had lunch! (with alot of houseflies hahaha)
Picture 050

Picture 052 Picture 054

Picture 056 Picture 055

Picture 059 Picture 057

why stef so skinny one sigh i damn jealoussss~~~
Picture 061 Picture 062

Picture 069

Picture 066

Picture 072 Picture 071

Picture 075 Picture 074

ok so that's the end for Coral Island!
Went back to hotel, took a bathe, changed and headed to Jungceylon Mall (abt 5mins walk from our hotel!) for dinzzz!
Picture 079

Picture 082
best tom yum soup everrrrrrrr hao hao chi!!

Then it's time for our nightlife to start!!!
Bangla Road!! (only 8mins walk from our hotel)

Picture 089

Picture 087

Picture 088
SEDUCTION FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Picture 093 Picture 094

some guy on the street gave us 2 free drink tickets each at Factory Bar!
Picture 099 Picture 098

Picture 103 Picture 102

After Factory Bar, we headed back to Seduction Discoteque!!!!!
Picture 110 Picture 109

Ok somewhere in between here (inserts picture) should have a #3 free drinks from the Bartender! ;)

Our new friend - DJ AE!!

Picture 114
dont know his name so we called him the moustache bouncer guy!! haha!

Picture 116
Free drinks #4 from some random guy who wanted to treat us!

Picture 117

And free drinks #5 for the night from the DJ!

Picture 119

Hokay so that's bout it!! The dj is so niceee okay! He brought us to Phuket Town on Sunday night for the night market cuz it was his off day...
Drove us to the airport on Monday... nice friend right! tsk~

Blog soon again about Day 2! :)

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  1. We are planning to visit Phuket in mid-Dec.
    Thank you for posting.
    I've been looking at some of the posts on this website to get an idea about travel in Phuket for my next vacation.