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Monday, April 18, 2011

Phuket Day 2

Visited PhiPhi Island on Day 2!
Mad tired cuz we only slept for like 2hrs and then we had to wake up for our morning tour @.@
Picture 121
Us on the jetty!

On the speedboat again, having the 'morning' yawns look~
Picture 123

rest of the tour:
Picture 124

Picture 126
omg this shot so pretty righttt hahahaha thanks to me oki!!
Stef said machiam i kope from some brochure but no ok!! Taken by yours faithfully, urhum urhum!!

Then we arrived at Maya Bay!
Picture 131 Picture 130

Picture 132 Picture 133

Picture 134

Picture 135

Picture 137

Picture 140

The sea water just too nice already!!!
Picture 139

Went snorkelling! That's when the captain of the speedboat suddenly jumped into the water too, pulled my hand and brought us to snorkel at the other areas!! So fun awwww i miss divingggg~~~~
Picture 141

After snorkelling, we had lunch, then off to KHAI ISLAND!!

Picture 145

Picture 146

Picture 147

the water too awesome already cannot maintain!!!
Picture 148

Picture 152 Picture 151

Picture 156 Picture 157

Picture 160 Picture 158

Picture 162

Picture 165

sigh stand beside stef take pics very depressing :(

Bought some bread and started feeding the fishes!
Picture 171 Picture 168

Picture 169

So crystal clear right the water.... buey tahan!!!

Picture 172

last shot of us before we start dipping inside the sea swimming and playing with fishes!

Picture 173

and then it's time to leave.... :(
last shot of Khai Islanddddddddd~

At night, went to Seduction again!! hehehehe ^^
Picture 178 Picture 182
Free drinks from bartender again the moment we reached!
And some dudes offered us these drinks B52 which is so damn awesomeeeeeeeeeee!!
It's like chocolate with some liquor then they light it and u drink it with the flames on...... whoooo!!!

Picture 181

Picture 183

And the same dudes bought us a bottle of grey goose hahahahaha

Picture 187 Picture 188
On the left side is the bouncer who dotes on me the most ok!! Hahaha ok me damn bhb, and on the right is the bartender!

Then i think i was gone for a while~~
hahaha didnt even realised these pictures were taken till the next day O.O
Picture 189 Picture 190

James Bond Island pictures up soooooon if i have the time!! :)

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