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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Green Wednesday, with the exception of louie who wore green on tuesday so he wore yellow yst (he was thinking of being the sunflower -.-) and joanna cuz she's always in her business wear for work!

Yayyy i got my hello kitty instax hahaha so cute! Anw, spot louie with his hands action, we thought he was airing his pits until he told us he was trying to pose as a sunflower =.= omg lol!

Qixuan and I! :)

Anyway, things are fine now between my bf and i. We trashed things out last night, had solutions to all of our problems. Just hope everything will turn out fine and we'll stop quarrelling. So tired of all the quarrels, arguements, cold wars and all. Having tests soon in 2weeks time, i hope i'll do well. Sigh very stress cuz i dont know how am i supposed to memorise ibm, my econs as usual, suxxxxxx. Accounting is also getting more challenging and complicated, i can only bang on maths and stats now :( Anyhowz, gotta go soon to study with my bf :) Tata!


  1. bang on maths and stats. HAHAHAHHAA.

    u mean bank on maths and stats? english fail.