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Monday, September 27, 2010




That was the theme for today and tmr is a shorts day! So simple yet i don't know what to wear. Don't really feel like dressing up anyway cuz i'll be working t1 frolick, super sian.
On a side note, i love going to sch and being in sch cuz i get to meet all my lovely friends, and that's when time passes really quick. I love the mountain of hw given cuz they will just simply keep my mind occupied and keep me busy. Right now, studies will be everything to me. Bf or not doesn't matter to me anymore because i feel like i am being taken for granted and i really hate the feeling of being treated like shitz. Back to the main point, i love nageb too much already he's giving really alot of work i swear i'll be a damn good manager in the future haha come on fayol mintzberg katz classical theory human relations systems theory contingency theory higher mgt lower mgt first line manager whoohoo~


  1. The start of a r/s: Guy love girl more. After some time: Girl love guy more. Proven and tested by many.

    Hey babe, I can totally relate with what you're going through now. To hold on and get hurt. Or to let go, and hope for the best?

    The worst thing is they don't even care. :(

    Sigh but i cant say he dont totally care cuz i know he's still putting in the effort but... just feel that he's not doing ENOUGH u know? or maybe my demands and expectations are too high :(

  3. Hello!

    going through the same stuffs too! It really sucks, but decide on what you want, and stick to it!

    Cheers to all the independent gfs out there!!

  4. hello babe!! hahahaha yayy we trashed things out last night already, so we are pretty fine now :) Thanks thoughhh!!!!! :D