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Saturday, October 02, 2010

I don't like it when u tell me you're going to club. I dont know why, and i dont understand why u're starting to club now. I mean, you used to hate clubs, you dont allow me to go but now u're the one going. I always think that guys who club are there to drink, get drunk, hook on some girls, make out and they are all bastards. So i honestly dont know what you'll do what u club. Maybe because i still dont trust you enough. I know you're a nice guy and i should trust you more but you know, trust is really difficult to gain it back once it is lost...


  1. Shenny,

    Bad sign when the bf does not want you to go where he is going.

    When did he become your boss?
    Not good.

    Time to bring this topic up, and find out what is really going on.!

    Hoping all works out well for you!

  2. hey dear! why not see it in this point that it's because he trusts you and he doesnt want to lose the trust between you both that's why he actually told you that he's going to club? he has a choice of telling or not to tell you but he chose to so i guess it shows a lot. (:

    i know this affects you a lot but some of the times, guys do not like to explain too much.. so all girls have to do is to just understand.

    i hope things will turn out fine alright. (:


  3. Hi David! He did not say he dont want me to be there, but just that, he'll be with his group of friends and i know it'd be awkward if i were to be there :(
    Anw, thanks! haha :)


    Well i know i know... :( But just dont like the idea of him partying. sigh sometimes girls just have this double standard thingy going on. Like i can go party with my friends but he cant. LOL.
    and i also dont understand why must a friends gathering be in a club, like u can have any bonding session through partying?