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Friday, July 23, 2010

Universal Studio Singapore



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Nice weather...






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Hmmm, he looks familiar. I think i took a picture with him before in the States? lol


spot us


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Honestly, USS shouldn't be priced at $66 cuz its simply not worth the money!! There are only a few pathetic rides with another 3 more still undergoing construction/maintenance. The Jurassic Rapids Adventure was a complete CRAP. I mean, can't they just follow the exact same one in the US? Sitting inside a nice boat, looking at all the wonderful dinosaurs as if u're really in a totally different world, and then ending it with a looooooonnnnng drop that screams WHOOOO SHIOK!!! The rapids here was nothing but a ride to make u giddy. Spinning and spinning, more spinnings, then spin into a complete dark tunnel where u can't see a single shit, being elevated up, and the next thing u know, just a sudden slide down and SPLASSSSSHHHHHH. COMPLETE WETNESS. haha ok maybe i am amazed how come we will all end up so wet since it wasnt even a very long drop down? However, u all must try the Revenge of the Mummy!!!!!! Haha completely wasnt quite what i expect cuz i expected it to be like the one in the states, which i describe it as just speed and wind. Ok so something different! Shrek 4D was cool too although the same as the states, only thing is that i thought the water splash was much more and the chairs kind of REALLY ROCK HARD? Like must hold onto your 3D glasses if not confirm fall. Waterworld, as usual, is alwayssssss good! Maybe Singapore one should have a Haunted House too! That will be cool. I can totally foresee all the ghosts and whatnot being whacked by ahbengs!! hahahaha!! Haha ok all in all, maybe can just visit once, but i wouldnt really want to pay to go a 2nd time. But if it's free i wouldn't mind hahaha! Those who bought the annual pass...... haha all i can say that is really dumb and a waste of money!!!! Sorry if u feel like i keep comparing the one in Singapore to the one in USA cuz i've only been to these 2 Universal Studios so i can only compare between the both!!
Btw, I am all excited for tmr cuz tmr we are going to have a Volleyball Gathering since coach is back from Korea!!!!! Like finally after 1234567years hurhurhur... gonna see so many faces i haven been seeing for the longest time! And before the gathering, i have plans to go cut my hair. Should i or not? I am like damn fickle. One day i want, the next day, dont feel like anymore. I am scared of having regrets and i am scared of the outcome. I can't take shocks otherwise i will............ asthma attack. LOL.

Ok maybe I think i will cut. If not cut short, also must trim it. The last time i cut my hair was 1 year ago!??????? =.=

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