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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Let Me Whine


My bf is now in SMU pageant 2010. I don't know if i should be happy or not. On the surface, I am happy because i'm really genuinely happy for him and i'm proud of him. When he was in a dilema whether to join, I encouraged him to go for it cuz to me, it's like a now-or-never chance. And since it would most probably be his last education days, then i say, make it a BLAST! But being in such a contest, there's bound to be publicity for him, and sooner or later, more and more people will get to know this guy, my bf. I'm a pretty selfish girl i would say. I get paranoid easily. And i get worried easily. Maybe because I'm not confident of myself. Maybe because, i just can't trust him enough. As the saying goes, ALL guys, no matter how good they can be, can't be trusted... right?
Honestly, i don't quite remember when was the last time we walked hand in hand around town, or even, stepped out of tampines tgt. He was busy with his work then, now smu stuffs.. and i'm also busy with my own work. All that we do now when we meet up is to......................... EAT. Specifically, he looking at me eating my late dinner cuz he's now on a super ultra mega strict diet and exercise regime all thanks to pageant. The most we can ever do is to catch a movie at Ehub. W.O.W sigh. Pageant is really taking up quite abit of his time to a point, sometimes i feel neglected and irritated. Like, we can't meet because of... pageant. Photoshoot, catwalk trainings, photoshoot, catwalk and the list goes on.. And everytime when i start complaining about these, it all boils down to me again because right from the start, i was the one who supported and encouraged him to join. YEA SO OH WELL~ I kind of miss those old times, the really dating times sort of things. I would say he's someone who wouldn't take much initiative. It's always me asking him out, to watch movie, shopping, dinner, lunch etc. It's been a long time since he dated me out :(
He'll be flying to Taiwan tmr, back only on the 29th midnight, meeting me on the 30th to celebrate my birthday and...................... it'd be my turn to visit Taiwan on the 31st (5am reach airport thanks man -.-), only to be back 11days later on the 10th of Aug. I can't help but to say sigh.

PS: I don't even know if i would get to meet him later since he'll be having his catwalk training & then attending some friends' birthday parties that i don't even feel like going!!! And the next thing... he's flying!!!!! ARRRGHHHH!!!!

PPS: But in any case, I STILL SUPPORT MY OWN BF IN THIS PAGEANT!!! To those who are reading this space and will be in SMU Year 1, PLZ SUPPORT MY BF KKKKKKK!!!!!! :D Luv u all muackxx muackzz!!

still, SIGH


  1. hi(: sorry for being random. but i noticed that your complexion had improved b/c im a faithful reader of yours. ha ha. can i know what's your skincare routine? you're pretty^^

  2. Hey! Oh man my complexion is really not good i swear to whatever god there is!!! I think it improved a lil after i started going for regular facials that's targeted for pimples/acne/oily skin.
    I'm using Loreal to wash my face, but for those cream that i usually apply, i bought it all from my facial shop cuz they recommended me those to improve my skin condition...

    Other than that, maybe cuz of make up??? like concealer!!!! hahahahaha!! LOL~

    I dont know if that helps but yea.. :) thanks for ur compliment anyway :) Haha it made me smile, i was so damn moody the entire day boohoo :<

  3. Hi Shenny! I don think u know me, but just want to tell u tt I'll be entering SMU this yr too, and I'll def vote for ur bf! (: And cheer up babe! Don't be so stressed up!

  4. Hi! Really? Support my bf kay?? :) And yea, i am better already ;) I was having my PMS days then haha!

  5. hey babe, just wanna say that i totally understand what you mean when you say that you're always the one asking your boyfriend out for meals and movies! same here, i realise i'm always the one asking my boyfriend when he's free to go out etc. maybe we should sit back and not ask them out and make them ask us out instead! lol.

    and well, don't be too worried la, transition periods are always tough but that's where the r/s is put to the test and another thing, don't be too insecure or show him that you are; it might have an opposite effect! all the best!

  6. Hi babe! yay hi5!!! Honestly, i tried it a few times. But i will be like... buey tahan u know!! In the end i'll always be the one asking him out again :p
    And yea.. actually i do trust him, cuz he's not that kind of guy who will really talk to girls and all, haha but im just.. WORRIED. sigh~~ But anw, thanks babe :D

  7. Hi babe. since you trust your bf and knows that he's the kind who doesnt really approach girls to chat them up, you shouldn't worry too much. even if it's the girls that are trying to hook him up instead. be proud that he is yours! and those other girls dont stand a chance. =)

  8. YEA hopefully he wont have a change of heart once he's in SMU. Like.. i feel inferior u know. Like some stupid nonsense bimbo :<

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