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Sunday, January 03, 2010

I miss the snow!!


I would really love to post up pictures of my trip.......... but time really isn't on my side. :( Argh.... like 4000 or maybe even 5000 photos, tell me how to sort them out!!!! Dont even feel like viewing those pictures man.........
Anyway, all i can say right now is that I FREAKING MISS THE STATES LA!!!! And of cuz, i miss my dearest erjie :) Everyday, me and B are like reminiscing the days we had there.. all the good times, bad times.. Awwwww~ would like to migrate there if i ever have that chance.

Okiiiiii, right now its gg to be 8pm! Gna camp infront of my computer and refresh, refresh, refresh the page of AE's blogshop page till the post comes out :DDDDDDDD byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

I promise i will blog soon oki??
Btw.. my toes nails are awesome!!!! Dont really feel the colour is nice, but who cares!! They did such a great job! My toe nail was chipped, and like bruised, and disgustingly short because i was trying to cut out all the bruised nails, and it turn out really gross. Now i have extensions on my nails... they look so pretty!! hahahahahahaaa~~

ok gtg!!!!! 5 more mins to 8pm! RAHHH!

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