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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 will be a better year!

Ok so now its time to make new year resolutions again......... I know I have said this countless of times already BUT i really really just cannot believe how 1 year can just passed by so quickly... Very soon, I would hit the big digit 2 already. That scares me alot, really. Been hearing so many stories on how times just flashes past so quickly once u hit 20, and before u know it, u're married, and then u're 30 with maybe 2 kids? Then u're 40, 50, 60, 70........... and eventually u will go to heaven (?)..
Okokkkkkkkk nuff of that.

2009 has really really been a relatively good year for me... that i must admit.

Let's talk about travelling first: 2009 is a year where i got the chance to travel to my first 'angmoh' country, not once but twice.
A year i got to visit so many places i've been wanting to go badly.. Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Universal Studio, Disneyland, Hollywood, San Francisco.........
A year i got a chance to go on my first ever backpacking trip to Peru with my sister & bf.
A year i got to go to bangkok with my bestie.
A year i got to go diving with my bf and accompanied him on his virgin dive........

I can never thank my parents enough for allowing me to go so many places! And all these really couldnt have been quite possible without their help. (i doubt i will ever step out of singapore in 2010 argh =.=)

2009 also saw me collecting my !@#$%^&*()*&^%$ super screwed A levels results. I thought my whole future was ruined.... but god decided to be nice and i got accepted into NIE (phewwwwwwwww~) and that gave me a whole load of hope.

2009 is also a year when i finally got financially independent - no more pocket money from parents! Whoohooo~

2009 also marks my 2 year anniversary with B during 10th March, a year i finally get to quarrel with him more often (friends u know what i mean haha!). 2009 also saw me making more new friends, while old friends leaving...

Ok the list just goes on....................... think everyone are alr falling asleep right now..

Bottom line is...........

So these are maybe SOME of my resolutions..........

2) to be more patient and tolerant towards others
3) Dont do anymore impulsive buys (RMB SAVE MONEY)
4) Study well in NIE
5) Make more quality friends and not hi-bye friends
6) Prevent stef from tatoo-ing and stop piercing herself even further
7) Dont always bully B (treat him nicer if not when school reopens he go find SMU chio bu i die)
8) Lose 3kg
9) Go sipadan for diving (????)
10) Go taiwan (????)
11) Be caring and exceptionally patient&tolerant to my students
12) Dont always be late for everything
13) Cook for papa mama dajie erjie and B
14) Encourage erjie more to set up _ _ _ _ _ _ business here in SG so i can be a xiao lao ban!! hehe!!
.......................................... & the list goes on.......
ok these are some.... think i will go draft out an entire list of resolutions and see whether i achieved any of them at the end of 2010.... hehe.

Thank you if u even managed to come this far.............


Cant wait for tmr's countdown although i still dont know what i'll be doing. Definitely not partying my night away (maybe sat??). And me&B are officially broke after the USA trip.. so we cant really dine in a romantic and high class restaurant.. But yet i dont wanna spend my new year eve in some random places like sitting in starbucks along orchard road. That would be pathetic.
But i have really no ideas on what to do! I doubt he has any ideas too...................

The worst thing ever is to be at home sitting on the sofa, tuning into Channel 5 and counting down with the tv set.......................... =.=


What to do?? Share with me ur ideas leh, maybe i can adopt.. haha!

Anyway.............................. i was looking through this photo folder of mine called "Shenny's online purchases", god i am amazed on the amt of things i bought online this far.... but anw, came across some clothes that i haven been wearing........ so i'll be selling them!

Bonitochico Flutter Sleeved Lace Top (OOS online)
Sorry i dont have the measurements with me but just gauge from this picture?? Able to fit to a small UK10 i guess. Cutting is just nice for me.. (ima Uk 6-8)
- Worn once, still in perfect condition
$20 (inclusive of local normal postage)
Add $2.24 for registered postage

Hervelvetvase Lace Accented Belted Work Dress (OOS online)

- Brand New! (arrived not long ago via backorder)
- Length 34" (the one in the pic is 32")
$25 (inclusive of local normal postage)
Add $2.24 for registered postage

Bonitochico Structured Work Dress (BLACK) (OOS Online)

- PTP 14"-18", Length 32.5"
- Worn once, still in perfect condition
- Got it at $27 (excluding postage fees)
Selling for
$23 (inclusive of local normal postage)
Add $2.24 for registered postage

Interested parties please mail me at! Please avoid leaving me comments! Thanks so much!

Thats all! I still have some in mind to sell................. but i'm that sort of people who really cant bear to part with their clothes. Its like.... u'll never know when u need to wear them again right???
Urgh, ok, thats all for now!!

Hope u all have a great day counting down tmr! (I mean later...........)


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