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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Very First White X'mas!!

Hello to all!!! As u all know.............. i am already back here in Sunny Singapore!! Whooooooooooooo~~
But Singapore ain't as sunny these few days uh.................... well well~

Am so jet-lag now....................... getting really tired 24/7, i can tune myself back and sleep to the Singapore's timing (DUH~~ i am like the sleeping queen of all), but i just feel super restless even after all the 10hrs of sleep.... =.= urrrrrrrrghhhh!!

And i really do do DO feel like blogging so much y'know.. but the amount of photos taken are really putting me off seriously. I haven sort them out, resize them, and merge pictures from the 2 different cameras together... GOD!!! I really dont know where to start man! :( This is so damn terrible :(((((((

So well, I shall start with my white x'mas this year in the states!! Because my dear bf forgot to copy the whole load of pictures taken during xmas from my sister (& we were using only her cam for the entire day)... so i had to write countless of emails to beg my UBER SUPER BUSY sister to send me the pictures! And finally after 2days of waiting........... she sent some pictures over! And i figured blogging about xmas is the easiest cuz the pictures are just ALL here~ All i had to do was to resize them and am all done...............

Ok so here goes my x'mas post! Initial plan was to wakey wakey at 4am (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) in the morning to start driving to BIG BEAR to play with snow......... but being pigs (as always...) we overslept and only woke up at around.. 8am?? LOL!! So well, we just had a simple breakfast and did x'mas gifts exchange!


Luv the presents my sister got for me!
1) Diamond ring
2) Digital photoalbum (damn cool la................ i'm gna put on my desk...... and let my digital photoalbum run whole day long... gna load all my winter USA pictures in and play it and show to all my friends!! ;p )

& I gave her a pair of Swarovski Crystals Earrings :) Mad chio!

B opening my present to him.......

& i gave him a Fossil Leather File to use in SMU! :) Really like this alot! And its so practical! There's a compartment for ur laptop, paper notes, cards, hp, mp3, pens etc. Like convenient right!


And this is my disgustingly decorated xmas cards' envelopes..... cant blame me right! The only chance for me to do these stuffs is when they are asleep... and its already in the wee hours like 2++3am?? Besides they were beside me snoring loudly.... god... How bad is that! I need to catch some sleep too!

This trip is really a S.N.E.S one man!

B's present to me! he got me a Swarovski Crystals Braclet! Mad loveeee


Ok so after all the xmas exchanges, we headed to the mountain - BIG BEAR!!
I was so tired i slept all the way up... like 3hours?? hahahaha!!

And we finally arrived!!

Cute right the reindeer hairband! I wore it the whole day on Christmas Eve in Universal Studio la! hahahah!







Yea then we went to do snow sleigh!! Whooo its my first time lehhh!! Anw quite funny though, im a newbie here and i did not get injured. Whereas experience people like B and erjie got injured........ gua gua gua~~





This is a video of B doing his snow sleigh.... watch it and u'll know WHY he's injured......... poor boy!
Btw, thats me standing by the side looking totally freaked out and scared and jelly legs lol! And thats erjie holding onto the camera shouting and screaming haha!

Ok so we continued playing for another 3hours or so....... it was so fun!! (although i really hate climing up the slippery cold slope up) Argggghhh wish im still back there in the states having some fun.. :(

Shall end this post with a...


So... that was my xmas for you! It was definitely a memorable one :)
How was yours??

Just 2 more days to a whole new beginning, 2010.
Haven't thought of how to spend it though........ hmmm~ suggestions??

Well, i gotta go catch up on my sleep already! tata!!

PS: Sorry to all my dear friends who smsed me about y'all checking up my blog hoping to see updates while i was overseas... REALLY SORRY!!! Must understand my trip was really jam-packed, its almost impossible for me to camp infront of my laptop for 2hrs to blog!! Its just..... IMPOSSIBLE!!! Hope ya understand!! Still... i luv u all!!! xoxo

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