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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Greetings from San Francisco!!

Hi dear diary, I know its been SO DAMN LONG since i last updated!! Really having so MUCH fun right now.. so much better than the June trip. Perhaps because i got a chance to visit South America, and that i have more time here in the USA. So everything isn't like the other time - 'touch&go', i actually have more days over in a particular place so there's more time to explore and to try out the different things.

Would REALLLLLLY love to post out all my amazing pictures here taken in Peru/Las Vegas/Grand Canyon/Zion etc..... but time just wont permit me to.. :(
Anywayz, we went to Machu Picchu (7wonders) when we're in Peru.. and boy i got SO SO SO DAMN BURNED!!! Even up till now my tanlines are still so obvious and ugly.. urgh!!! We hiked this mountain for 1hr++, Wayne Picchu to overlook the entire Machu Picchu! We had sores all over the next day........... But i guess the biggest victim was my sister. Sand flies attacked her and she got a total of 112 sandflies bite all over her calf!!! IMAGINE!!!


Here's a picture of Machu Picchu :)

We also sat in a propeller plane to oversee the Nazca Lines. REALLY COOOOL!!! though it makes me giddy.. not only that, we visited sand dunes, did sand boarding and sat the buggy car ride to give the rollercoaster kind of feeling.......... Really one of the highlights of the trip man!!
Once in a life time experience? Definitely!

Buggy car ride

& Peru ain't as dangerous as how everyone said/how online forums claimed it to be... (except for that tiny incident of 3 people trying to pickpocket our belongings). Everyone are just extremely friendly and really go all out to help u... everywhere we go we hear people saying "chino chino", if not, saying some weird jap language to us.. hahaha!!
Just wondering why Asians are always associated to Japanese and not Korean/China... HMM~
And btw, Peru's food is DAMN GOOD, esp the seafood.... omg~~ And the ONLY drink that can be found in Peru, "INCA KOLA" is FTW man!! Really cool... wonder if they can bring it to SG.. missing the taste of it :( Been drinking that everyday w/o fail in Peru..

Alright Peru aside, there comes Las Vegas!! I remembered my fav part of the USA was San Francisco, but now... its definitely LAS VEGAS!!!!! The other time when i came to Las Vegas it was REALLY REALLY 'touch&go' and thats it....... didn't post any things about Las Vegas the other time because i did not have the time to explore/take nice pictures to even blog about it.. but this time round i had 5D4N of quality time in Las Vegas (though 2 days were spent for Grand Canyon & Zion National Park)..

We visited almost all the hotels in the Las Vegas Strip... tons of pictures, ate not 1 but 2 WORLD CLASS BUFFETS!!! Really the BEST buffet ever!! Doubt i'll ever have it again....... :(
AHHHHHHH~ My alaskan snow crab...

Not only that..... we even catched a Topless Striptease show in our hotel!! And since we were staying in that hotel.. we were given a cheaper price + VIP seats, we had the 1st row!! And the dancers were JUST RIGHT INFRONT OF US... so everything was so clearrrrrrrr..........hahahahahaha..........imagine..........................


pic: one of the pose by Crazy Girls

And i got to see Grand Canyon in summer, and this time round, Grand Canyon was covered with snow!! SO COOL~ But i was totally freezing there.... didn't expect there to be snowing... :(
And when my erjie came, she brought us to Zion National Park, and it was too, snowing over there! Man, my 1st ever encounter with snow (minus those artificial Snow City snow)... it was so much fun!! Definitely memorable! :)

We also had our Factory Outlet shopping........ COACH again...... but this time round, apart from the usual coach bags/wristlets and whatsnot, i got myself a really good deal for a pair of Coach Shades! Wheeeeeeee~ love it :) That aside, i also got Swarovski earrings, Tommy Hilfiger watch, GUESS sandals...
And whats love - my lovely sister bought me a sister ring for me, a ring with diamond details for me to wear as a success ring on my 4th finger. :) Really nice :)
And now it comes down to the sums....... i already spent a whooping amt of SGD$1112.72 JUST ON SHOPPING ALONE. OMG WTF................................................. and its just a mere 3days of shopping, each maybe a few hours only? So maybe.....

14hours for $1112.72???

Bought tons of footwear cuz everything is so damn cheap compared to SG... how to contain them in my luggages? And i can predict my mum gg crazy if she sees the amount of shoes i bought.... :/
Ok.. maybe i will start receiving all her emails after she reads this........ lol


Anyway after a very satisfying buffet.. we began to drive back to Los Angeles from Las Vegas, & on the way we saw....






YES STARS!!!!! Stars all over the sky~ And it looks exactly just like this. And for the first time in my life, i saw countless of shooting stars............. :)

So anyway......... am in San Francisco now. Last night i had my dinner in Cheesecake Factory (damm those calories) but its still that great!!! (with even longer queues than before)... B wants that for dinner again tmr night =.=
Visited Pier 39 today, ate my Clam Chowder and visited the sealions BUT BUT BUT......... all my sealions went missing!!!!!! They are no longer at the pier...... What happen???? :((

My super comfy hotel room in SF. Ok time now is 2.43AM in SF.. gotta sleep soon!

So goodnight everyone!!
I miss u all my dear friends!

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