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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Luv blogging (???)

Recently, I've been blogging SO MUCH lesser than the past... like 6 or 7 times in a month compared to what used to be 15 or so posts a month. Reason I am really super busy these days, I dont even have the time to go out and meet up with friends, much less blogging. Life's so dull now!!! And everyone knows reading a blog entirely made up of words are so boring! Second: I've really lost the drive to blog nowadays... Think i've mentioned this before?
Sigh..................... So really people. Dont expect me to blog as frequently as how i used to be. Am really contemplating whether to shut down this space or not.... hmmmmmmmmmm~

Anyway, Mum finally prepared dinner for us last Sunday. Its been so long since i ate home cooked food :( SAD~
And we had.............. CRABZZ CRABZZ. Crabby Crabby. Luv the claws' meat. hahahaha, dad bought 3crabs back = 6claws, and i ate 4 of it. ha! Am always eating the best only..tsktsk!

This is mum in her very lok-kok state

Cooking the chili crab

There!!! My dinner!! Totally <3!!!

Speaking of food......... Recently i am like over obsessed with 'Ji Pa'.. y'know the fried chicken with the salty salty seasoning + chili powder.... everywhere i go i am like searching for one to eat haha! But i guess the nicest that i've eaten before is still the one from Bugis Village. Way better than Shilin's one. Yumtumtum.............. definitely craving for one right now.....



OHYEA. And few days ago i was mentioning about my terrible skin condition right right right??!
I couldn't wait any longer, i need instant cure man!! So............................ I went to Isetan and bought....









YES SK-II!!!! Y'know the countless of advertisements i always see (tv commercials + magazines).. always claiming it to be very good, the facial treatment essence is like miracle water and yadayada........ made me so interested to try their products. But then i was thinking are SK-II meant for only middle aged ladies-old ladies?? So i went to google and did a review and then............... ALMOST EVERYONE WAS RAVING ABOUT THE TREATMENT ESSENCE. How it cures their pimples... lighten scar marks... made it baby soft skin etc etc... Wow was really tempted. So i went to Isetan and enquired more about it...

My initial plan was to get the trial kit first. Only $52, i mean... Better than wasting a few hundred dollars and then realised the products dont work for u right? So $52 for 3 super tiny products - cleanser, toner & essence that can only last u for 2weeks VS $99 xmas package 5 products - cleanser, toner, essence, moisturizer and 1face mask which also can only last for 2weeks.

And even for both, i thought it was really not worth the money because u should have seen those bottles, its REALLY SMALL. Looks damn pathetic. So in the end, i settled for the another package. Much more $$ but able to last u for 2months!

such posh packaging!



Comprising of Toner, Essence, Cleanser, Moisturizer and make up remover gel.



So.......... I've been using these products for a few days now and I MUST SAY IT REALLY WORKS!!!
For goodness sake... IT'S REALLY MIRACLE WATER MAN!!!

Just after 1day of using, the swelling of my pimples went down to almost flat... the super tinytinytiny pimples (not really pimples... whiteheads? uh i dunno la) were also gone. Really amazing!!!

The only thing that i dont like is the moisturizer, abit too oily for me i feel. Afterall, its actually for skin-ageing which i dont really need. But it came together in package so............ anyhowz, it claimed that after using it for 1month, u will look 4years younger. Meaning i will look like im 15yrs old!?
hahaha joke!
Guess i'll pass this moisturizer to my mum instead~

And i agree as with everyone who stated in the forum that it is indeed an expensive skincare regime.


And to my dear baby boy............. its...............


Ps: I am sick again =.= LIKE AGAIN............... Why must i always fall sick prior to a holiday?! Urghhhhhhhh.... This time round.. some funny gastric flu. Argh. Last night i was having the runs + vommitting.... Haven't been vommitting for a REALLY LONG TIME.. the feeling suckz big time. and then today, i started to feel feverish and like having body aches all over. Hai~ Just hope i'll recover in time :)

I AM MEETING RACH... one of the owner of BonitoChico TMR!!!!!!! :) CANT WAIT TO SEE HOW SHE LOOKS LIKE IN REAL LIFE.

Till then~

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