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Friday, November 13, 2009



Cant stress how happy i am.............. its only.. 14 MORE DAYS TO HOLIDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY~~
WHOOO!! And only 1 more week of school!! OMGGG totally happy!!!! Everyday, i am smiling and giggling to myself whenever I countdown the dates on the calendar~ Cant believe time passed so fast! Am sure the 1month stay there gna be gone in a flash of light too... :(
Okok....... why am i thinking of the trip ending when im not even there yet?! Tsk!

Kkkk that aside, I just went to CNN weather to check out the weather forecasts.. and dear me. I wonder if i can really take it. To start with, i already have a really weak immune system + the weather gonna be FREAKING COLD + the trip is powerpacked to the max (will show the LATEST LATEST ITINERARY SOON).. and worst of all, I DONT HAVE ANY WINTER CLOTHINGS LA. Neither do i want to buy because i doubt i will wear it often.. like, when will be the next time i will be gg to a winter country? HMMM~~~

Anw here are the weather forecasts:

Los Angeles - 16 degrees celsius
San Francisco - 10 degrees celsius (OMG OMG OMG TOLD YA SF IS SUPER COLDDDD)
Las Vegas - 16 degrees celsius
San Diego - 15 degrees celsius
Lima, Peru - 17 degrees celsius
and here comes the worst of all.......

Cuzco, Peru - 7 degrees celsius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I THINK I SHALL JUST FREEZE TO DEATH IN CUZCO!!! Urggggggggggghhhh!! Why must Machu Picchu (7 wonders of the world) be located there!!! Urgh Urgh Urgh~~~

So ok.... guess i shall head out later/tmr/sunday to get some necessities to fight against the cold cold battle...

Anyway.... Updated the online store!






Sigh and one more thing..................................... I really dont know what is happening to my complexion.. its beyond words man. But the funny thing is........ only my left cheek is having massive pimplezzzzz outbreaks, whereas the rest (right cheek, nose, forehead) are all still the same. Weird. I know some people might say its because the way i sleep, like i lie on my left cheek against the pillow BUT NO!!!! I am lying against my right cheek... so why is it that my left cheek is having all the pimples!!! Urggggggh....
Any good products to recommend anyone??? I really need help. Sometimes i dont even dare to look myself in the mirror because i really hate seeing those pimples. Y'know they are big, and swelling and red (RAD) and all densely populated at my left cheek. Urgh how bad is that??
If it still doesn't gets well, mum wants me to go see some skin specialist. She's constantly nagging at me EVERYDAY without fail about my complexion.......hai :(

I am very sad :(

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