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Monday, October 12, 2009

The Return of Halloween Horrors @ Night Safari~

Night Safari’s Halloween Horrors is back again this year and I was proudly invited by and Wildlife Reserves Singapore to experience The Return of Halloween Horrors at Night Safari last saturday! I was allowed to bring one partner along....... and so i brought my best friend (steffffff) with me! Both of us were damn damnnnn excited over this event, but i think she's more excited than i am because ITS HER 1ST TIME TO NIGHT SAFARI!!!!! ;)

We reached there kind of early like 7.30pm? So we were roaming around the reception area and busy taking photographs :)

My admission pass for the day :)


And then i think at one point of time, i was checking out the camera settings, and stef was using her hp i supposed, both of us were busy doing our own stuffs when i felt like there's a load on my shoulder............. then i turned to look at whats on my shoulder............... and to my horror................ the bloody ALADDIN just put his whole head and rest on my shoulder!!! And y'know, like u turn around and suddenly this big bloody disgusting face is just resting on u, oh man i just freaked out and kept screaming!! hahahah!!
And ever since this Aladdin came to scare me, i was being SO PARANOID the whole night, i get freaked out even over the slightest thing. Like...... even if its just normal passerby walking past me, i will jump one step back/shout&scream and heart pounding hahahahah!!! I think its damn hilarious!

This robot is funny>scary! heheheheeh and stef finds him cute! -.-




That night, Night Safari also had a performance and its really nice!! Enjoyed it alot :)


And then................. its time to experience the train of horror!





But ok la, i find the ride still o-k-a-y, not THAT scary i find, because 3/4 of the time, the tram brought us to visit animals in the Night Safari. Photography wasn't allowed too so yea we were just enjoying our ride. Only thing was that the anticipation of being scared keeps building up until really cannot take it anymore because u never know when something would pop out of nowhere and grab your legs etc. Furthermore, the guide was speaking in a very ghostly manner, and those background music + sound effects, its enough to make your palms sweat!



We ended our Tram of Terror which lasted around...........30mins?
So we continued taking pictures with the halloween characters!

Dont like this Clown......... obvious right, i am standing so far away from him. He kept making this laughing sound which is both scary and irritating.

Wanted to try walking the Forest Giant Trails but my dear friend stef............... was very scared! She's like super scared after the tram ride already la, so i guess the forest giant trails is not suitable for people with a weak heart, like her! Ohwell.........

We sat this though so i guess that was enough :)


This special Halloween program and activities are available every Friday and Saturday for the month of October! Do come down and check it out, and most importantly, have a fun night with your friends! You can find out more at the official website -


After the event, we went to Powerhouse for another round of fun!
But sadly, it was quite boring i feel :(




Saw Norwin too! Like everytime i go party nowadays, i see Norwin! =.= lol!
And B was so sweet, he came to fetch me home at like 5am y'know, and its all the way at harbourfront!! Luv luv
Ok that's all, having a bad flu now, and i am extremely tired.

Byebye! <3

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