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Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's been almost 1year, WOW~

Yesterday while browsing around on facebook, I came across this video uploaded by some random mjc schoolmate on this year's Math Dept Farewell Video. I must say its damn interesting, and no doubt the Maths dept put up the best everytime! Still remember during my year, the math dept one too was so cool and i luv it!


Then i went to Youtube to search for more videos, hoping to chance upon videos from the other dept, say..... CHEMISTRY~ But sadly, I cant find any :(
But anyhowz, i came across 2 videos put up by last year's math&chem dept :)
It just brings back loadzzzzzzzzzz of memories :))

One funny, the other touching, no?

Then i came across the college anthem too!! Hahahahahahaha omgggggggg its been so long since i heard this song!! I dont know why but hearing this very familiar tune again, it makes me feel very proud to be one once-upon-a-time-i-was-a-meridian kind of thing ;)

Miss those times we had tgt :(









Not forgetting........ my dear girls from the volleyball team!

training days <3

HAIYOHHHHHHHHHHHH, looking through all these photos reminds me of the good-old-days we had, and also it somehow makes me sad too? Because now i am freaking old.. But that aside, i really really do miss school days back in MJC :( All the laughter and never ending cold jokes we had in class... No doubt I had loads of ups and downs during that short span of 2 years, and the fact that i really really hate the education system with so many tests and tests and exams and exams, but i guess that is what makes life in jc fun?
Like everyone going crazy together, pulling out hairs, excessive pimple outbreaks and all....... :)
And days when we have to cope between studies and CCA especially during the competition season, it was sucha rough time i have to admit, but i am glad i managed to make it through :)
And most imptly, Mjc was where i got to know my boyfriend ;) heheheheheeee

Okokkkkkkkkk, such a school-ish post.
Gotta go prepare now and head out to Atiqah's place!!! Having my jc class gathering over at Atiqah's place, not sure how many would turn up though but the feeling of seeing them after a loooooooooong time makes me really excited!!
Just hope there wouldn't be any awkward situation ltr. After all, its been really a very long time since i met up with them, and now we are all leading quite different lives so....................

K seriously need to fly!!!

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