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Friday, October 09, 2009


There goes my eyelash extension~ So while i was bathing yesterday, clumsy me went to rub my left eye and before i know it, whats remaining of the extension on my left lashes dropped. And then i can't help laughing because when i looked at myself in the mirror, i look like some retard lah!!! My right lash extensions was still in their full force but yet all of the left side dropped...... And it was already 10pm at night, how am i supposed to go FEP/City Plaza to remove my lashes!!! So i had to make the worst decision, which is to self-pluck out all of my eyelash extensions on my right eye.... omggggg it was abit pain and i think i plucked some of my OWN eyelashes in the process..... :(

And now, i am feeling so lash-less! :(
Not good uh....... not thinking of putting eyelash extensions for the time being although i really love it alot because of the time saving factor, and it really gives the eyeliner+mascara effects effortlessly.....

OKKKKK, anyway i had a very good meal yesterday at Hanabi :) One of the best jap restaurant serving salmon sashimi, sushi and yakiniku!! Damn fattening......
Btw, recently i love hanging out around tampines area (tamp 1, tm, cs) or Ehub. Just sitting down in starbucks/coffee bean, surf the net, have a cup of coffee, and then doing some window shopping, and finally not forgetting, eating!!! Luv it! :) And yea, presentation is finally over and its like a whole load off my shoulder :) Glad i made it and passed!!
So now its relaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx time~~

Alright looking forward to tmr, meeting my darling stefybaby :) We've got so MUCH to catch up!
Tmr will be a good day, it better be.


(ps: Sorry i haven't been blogging much because 1) this week was one of a @#$%^&*() week 2) Din take any photos recently and i dont want a picture-less blog with alot of words becuz of u-know-what-reason right? So ok, promise a pictury post this weekend ok!!!!!)

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