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Sunday, October 04, 2009

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cannot stand my face in this picture







whats remaining of my eyelash extension~




Weekend this week was absolutely boring........ either i am hibernating & catching up on my sleep, or i am doing 2 powerpoint slides + 1 full written report. Urghhhhhhhhhh suckz to the max. Have a very important presentation coming up on tuesday... which is 2more days from now. Die die die........

So my weekend was burned out just sitting infront of the computer/laptop. Yesterday i went to Coffee Bean over at CS to continue doing my work....... urgh sian and then I was looking forward to my jc class gathering at Simpang ltr in the evening but it was cancelled last min :( And then itchy fingers just have to go pluck out some of the 'loose' eyelash extensions, and now almost half of each side is gone. Great~
Sad sad sad.......

And Changi Village again today for lunch. =.= Boring Singapore and a boring weekend....
But anyhowz, am SOOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to next saturday because i was invited to go to this event "The Return of Halloween Horror" @ Night Safari, and I am allowed to bring a partner so my partner for the night gonnaaaaaaaa be bestie!!!!!! Then after that, we shall go crazy at the dancefloor............... ;)

Plus I really hope i can start doing something again in 2weeks time and this time round it must be very very very successful.......... hurmmmm let's see let's see...

On a side note, Mum is forcing me to put braces again because being the lazy me, teeth is going crooked cuz i havent been wearing my retainer diligently. Ohwell~ I dont want to go through that pain anymore!!! Urghhh!!! Sigh shouldn't have ordered chicken wings today. She spotted my fugly teeth while me eating my chicken wings away.................... sigh sigh sigh~

Oh anyway, 2 funny videos to share!!

this one super funny!! I watched this a hundred times already man and still cant help laughing!!!!!

Ok byebye!!!

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