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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Busy Busy Week!!

It's been sooooooooo long since i last updated this space!
Actually besides being REALLY BUSY.......... i am kind of losing the drive to blog. Like...... blogging frequently seems not to be one of my 'top' priority anymore, also accompanied by factors such as a lack of photos/boring lifestyle + weekend..... Sometimes i really dont know what to blog abt too!! So ya..... :(
Sad much :(

So anyway, last weekend was my jc class gathering + belated Hari Raya @ Atiqah's place, and i am really glad that many took the time off and turned up for the gathering! :)
Okay& actually till now, am still rather amazed+amused that there's a lift inside her 3storey bungalow ;O like really........ SOOOOO COOL RIGHT!










Loadzzz of random pictures from now&then~
Hanabi Buffet a few weeks back!!!!!


Totally salivating!!! I want jap food for dinnnnnnnnnnnner!!
& recently me and B went for a picnic @ ECP. Was totally looking forward to it but in the end i had a huge disappointment i guess........ :(
And knowing me, i will definitely throw some missy tantrum and then make a super BIG FUSS out of it and then quarrel and then threatening to ignore him for at least 1week which will always fail :( In the end i would always be the one contacting him first...... Just feel uneasy without him. Kind of used to his presence i guess.....
So hahaha, that was quite funny. Sometimes i really think i am a weirdo, like doing such weird stuffs? But then i am like always treasuring EACH AND EVERY OPPORTUNITY that comes by for us to quarrel because......... ITS REALLY DIFFICULT TO HAVE A MAJOR MAJOR QUARREL KIND WITH HIM Y'KNOW?!
I think i can count the no.of quarrels i had with him over the past 2years ++ with just one hand~

I seriously dont understand how he can tolerate someone like me for 2over years and not once throwing his temper on me. LOL~ I really do sometimes think my temper and attitude SHINGZZ u know. Btw, did u watch the new Ris Low interview?!?!?





So this week was a REALLLY busy week for me because on Monday i had my English EPT Test, omg the written test is 100MCQ questions!! Imagine shading 100 ovals on the OAS!!! Can die!! And my hands are like frozen cuz of that freaking cold aircon! Just hope I'll pass, although i have a really bad feeling for my Oral. Goodness!!! How to do well when you're talking to a computer screen!?!?!?!? Something that dont gives u any sort of reaction&expression!? ARGH~ And well, tues-fri was the PSLE Marking Day.
I wasn't invovled with the marking of course, so i thought i could relax since i assumed the students are not coming back to school..but... :( they made the p5 students to come back for remedial lessons and suaysuay, i am a P5 level teacher so............. SIGHSIGH~
But my students are really sweeeeeeeet though, check out what they drew on the board for me!!



Hehehehehe so cute right!!!! These kids everyday in school haunting me with the same question..
"Teacher how old are you!!"
"Miss Yang add me on facebook lehhhhhhhh!! I want to see ur pet society!!!!"
"Miss Shenny!!! Where u buy ur heels from!! I want lehhhhhhhhhhh~~~"
Alrightz. Gta go back to do marathon marking + taking of photos! Will be updating my online shop soon so stay tune! :) Stocks aren't chosen by me though so..... :( Arghhhhh some really not my kind but then again, not my kind doesn't mean its not your kind/ugly right!?
So just support ok!!! Will update again once everything is done :)
And i am so looooking forward to Stef's birthday celebration tmr!!!!!! See y'guyzzz byebyee!!!
OMGGGGG~ Lee Min ho is coming to Singapore tmr!!!!!!!!! My gosh i am still very much in love with him, or rather, in love with the character Gu Jun Pyo~;) I think he's god damn handsome and his height and build....................................... *droolzzz* hahahah!!

So jealous of those girls who will be getting a chance to know him better... say...
1) the 100girls who will be having a party tgt with him @ St James!
2) the 10girls who will be having an exclusive Q&A session with him!
3) that freakinggggggggg 2 girls who will be spending private time with him!! OMGGGG!! Really h8 these girls...... :(
Well well well.... he's reaching Changi Airport at 12.30pm tmr via SIA, OMG! I feel like gg to the airport to catch a glimpse of him, should i should i? He's only going to be here for 2D1N (why such a short stay!!!) so i guess going to the airport is the best chance to see him real life... but then again, i can imagine the huge crowd in the airport with all the fans screaming, crying, fainting....
Ok shall think abt it. It's late, shall go sleep!! Tata~

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