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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Red is the colour of our love


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Sometimes, I really hate myself for having such a weak body, or rather, not taking care of myself
even though I know that i am sick. Like, i know i should just eat less fried food and yada yada but
here i am munching on all sorts of junks. I had 3days MC from the polyclinic last wed, but i still
went to school, i even went to eat @ Seoul Garden. I thought i was recovering. Then..... DUHHHHHHHH,
over the weekend it got so bad i kept tearing, it evolved from just a mere sorethroat + cough, to a
fucking bad sorethroat + cough, to + flu, to + migrane, to + fever. BEST. I thought i had H1N1!!
So paranoid parents quickly rushed me to the hospital and there, the doctor diagnosed me with
throat infection. It COULD be a possibility that i have H1N1 but just that they no longer run the
test anymore since they find that H1N1 is just a typical flu... so he gave me... 7days MC.
Meaning i have a whooping 10days MC ok!!!!

Okok then now u all must be like saying its damm shiok to have 10days MC, dont have to go sch
It's like....... Me and B have been anticipating for so long to go redang which is this fri, in a mere
3days time, and then i have to be sick?? Worst of all, parents are not giving me their nods that i can
still go Redang in this state.. :(
I mean, we've already booked the coach, booked the resort, booked everything, planned everything...
and now, can't go?

Even if it means no diving @ Redang, i am fine with it! Because i know my body might not be able
to take it. I am happy just staying on the island, relaxing, sleeping, chilling, eating GREAT
seafood, listen to live bands while B learns his diving.......

So.................... to whatever god there is, I pray that i will really be able to get O.K by friday, so
at least i can go to Redang....... I really dont want to disappoint B's anticipation on this trip +
all the planning and all the money involved to go to waste..


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