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Sunday, August 30, 2009


What is the reason why people change?
She doesn’t don’t see the damage done
Her new so called friends
I know they will end
But I won’t be there
‘Cause now I don’t care
Sure she’s still dear to my heart
But for now I want to be apart
I wish she knew what she’s done
This new person she’s become I want her gone

(happened to stumble across this on the net.... sure that is what i am feeling right now)
Alright enough of that, I am pretty pleased with my plans for my holiday!!! Whooo!!! :) Alright let me share some planzz with all of u!
5th Sep - 8th Sep: Redang with Yj!!!! (leaving on 4th Sep night.. which is like in 5days time!!)
11th Sep - 13th Sep: Stayover @ Steph's place & we shall go (shakeshakeshake)
19th Sep - 21st Sep: Batam (still planning...........)
26th Nov - 26th Dec: USAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA with Yj (almost finalised, i should be booking tickets by end of next week!! Wheeeeeeeeee~~~) The almost finalised itinerary is up on my twitter, check it out! ;) Visiting a few new places this time round, its definitely gna be fun! :)
And planning ahead.................
Next yr March: A possible bangkok getaway with ______________ (still dunno, or maybe i can go myself?? hahah!)
Next yr June: Korea; Seoul!!!! Whoooooo!!! Still haven decided who to go with, or maybe i can go there myself too! Lol!
And after reading this, readers plz stop commenting that i am a rich spoilt brat or whatsoever, because I AM DEFINITELY NOT ONE! Urgh getting quite annoyed with such comments!
And its been like what...5days already.... & still sick!! I thought I was dying yst, I had a super bad sorethroat and i coughed like a bitch, had a headache only on my left side (its damn damn damn bad ok the feeling), i had flu, towards the end of the day, i had aches all over i felt so weak, i was walking like an ah-ma! :(
Hope everything'g gna be ok by next weekend! I really wanna go diving and not NUA~ at the island!!

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