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Saturday, September 05, 2009

I think I am blessed

Sometimes, I really think it sucks to be me.
I have always wished I could be that someone else. I am always envying others who are like smart, have the looks, and have that popularity. I envy those who are healthy and almost sick-free. I envy those rich kids who get almost everything they want. I envy friends leaving in posh bungalows or terraces. I envy friends who already owned a car. I envy friends who always do extremely well for their exams and tests. I envy those that got into their desired University and the courses respectively. I envy those who can excel both in studies as well as their CCA. I envy those who can hang out till the wee hours and yet don't receive any phone calls from their angry parents. I envy those who are so successful in their business, especially if they are around my age grop. I envy friends whose parents are so understanding. I envy those who have the fucking hot figures. I envy those who don't grow pimples on their face. In any case, I just envy alot, alot of people.

But come to think about it, I think i am rather blessed too.
Yes I may not come from a rich-rich family but at least, there is financial stability and since young, I am never worried about not getting enough food to eat for the next day, the day after... neither did I have to worry about money issues. I have good parents who loves me and tries to satisfy all my materialistic wants as much as possible. Going to the states initially was just a fantasy, a dream. But my parents made my dream come true when we decided on going there during June. I thought that was probably, my first and my last time there. But little did I know, they made my dream come true once more!!! For those who don't already know, I am going to the states in late Nov!!! I mean, how many 19yrs old out there been to the states TWICE?! And its twice within a year! I also think that I am getting chances to travel around the world so much more than my other friends. I could never thank my parents enough.
Then, I have 2 elder sisters who have been constantly taking care of me, playing with me since young. I love my eldest sister because to me, she's like my mum. She cooks for me to eat occasionally, always gets my breakfast ready on the table, always getting me lil stuff when she's flying all around the world, always buying pretty clothes so we could share, and always helping mama with all the household chores. I love you Dajie.
And I love my second sister because she's my favourite MGJJ!! I love how we would always use to catfight in the room until mama come scolding us, how you always help me out with my schoolwork and projects, how we would always watch korean/taiwan dramas and then go gaga~ over them, how we always do our midnight studies together.. I can't wait to go back to the states to find you! I even can't wait to go to PERU with u this coming trip! I love you Erjie!
Then, I have a 24/7 best boyfriend you can ever find on this universe. He never really gets angry with me although its me being in fault most of the time, he would still always shower me with love, tender and care. He's always on the lookout for good food and never fails to bring me there. The way he takes care of me when I am sick is just so mesmerizing. I love how we always play wrestling and getting all tired. I love how u would always buy things for me to surprise me. I can't thank you enough too for appearing in my life. I love you baby!
And well, even though I had sucky results for my Alevels, I think I am lucky enough to have secured a place in NIE. At least in my opinion, being in NIE would be way better than being in any sucky private universities. A stable and reputable job as well as a steady income is waiting for me in the near future.
I have good friends who care and are concern about me, always sending me messages now and then asking me to takecare of myself! whoo i love and treasure every single one of my friends!
So I guess I am rather blessed and I should be thankful to have all of these in my life!

PS: I am in redang now with B, and enjoying every moment spent here! Heeeeee ain't i blessed enough?! :)

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