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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Decided to blog an entry today because I think my blog looks stupid without any new entries!
I don't like it whenever I visit some bloggers' blog, and then they don't have any new updates. Very annoying i find. Do you all think the same way?? So i thought i better do an entry soon else i will be losing all my viewerships&hits. Not that i have ALOT of hits daily, but i dont like it when i dont hit a certain amount of hits a day/a week because its like me blogging for myself to read (=.=) and I really wonder if its THAT boring to read.
Hai ok nvm if my blog is boring plz DONT comment and tell me its boring because I have a pretty fragile heart. Anyway, log into Nuffnang today and WHOOHOOO when i saw the $$$ i earned, it makes me happy. (Thank you readers for clicking on my Nuffnang ads! :) Do continue to do so!!) I feel like cashing out the money already, but i think i should just let it accumulate more and then get a big harvest ;D What say you? hmmmm..

And if u've been following my twitter, I supposed you would have already know that recently i went to have my eyelash extension done!! :)
Picture of me before gg out to get my lashes done~~

So yea, initially i felt REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE in it. Esp during bathing/washing of face, omgggg i tell you i feel like plucking all of my lashes out, but i know that would hurt even more so ah i left it alone. And it looks real fake, it felt hard, my mum said it was ugly, and being the defensive me, of cuz i would go all out to say "its nice its nice its nice!!!" even though deep down in my heart, i also didn't think its THAT awesome. In fact, i think i looked weird.
It's been 1week since, and things have changed for the better. Lashes kind of soften already (maybe cuz too much of washing hehe), its more natural now, which is good. It also made my double eyelid to kind of widen, which makes my whole eye look a lil bigger now! Damn happy!

Forget to snap a before-and-after photo, but here are pictures of my lashes after its being done :)

18092009124a 18092009123a
Pretty much???

Plus the whole good thing is that about it is that i NO LONGER HAVE TO PUT EYELINER/MASCARA/FAKE LASHES anymore!!!!!! I mean, u can choose to put it, but i am not that sort of girl who have thick-thick make up kind, so actually having the eyelash extension is quite enough. Unless i am going to town or something, i may add some eyeshadow to highlight my eyes.
But other than that, these days i've only been putting a little bit of mineral powder, concealer and off i go!! It takes less than 5mins only, compared to usual times.... totally lovin it :)

Took some shots of myself today with only powder&concealer on, and of cuz my eyelash extension!!!






Anyway, is my face A LITTLE BIT sharper now???
I lost 2-3kg because i fell sick for almost a month already!

Ohya have u all heard of Etude House before? This new korean shop selling korean skincare products and cosmetics @ Orchard Mrt station. My god i think the whole shop is sooooooooo cute (pink omg) i think thats why it attracted so many people into the shop. But what really attracted me was those huge posters of Lee Min Ho!!! Whooooo do y'all agree he's like the cutest guy?! hahahahaaa i think i am so crazy over him :/
I bought a couple of stuffs from the shop.. I admit i am kind of an impulse buyer, the salesgirl can just go on and say "this one good, this one good yadayada", and the next thing would be seeing me paying at the cashier counter. Of cuz the same thing happened here in this shop BUT, i din quite spend alot, though it was enough for me to be a member of Etude House!!

Picture of the things i bought, and the lil cute pink bag behind is the carrier bag because i spend to a certain amt, hence i wasn't carrying the typical plastic/paper bag ;)

And i had a free Lee Min Ho's A4size file plus a freaking big poster of Lee Min Ho that says "You're my girl <3 br="br">
The nail polishes were one of my fav buys from the shop, accompanied by the eye cream for dark eye rings (me need it badly) haha!

Today i tried one of the nail polish, the silvery glittery one. I love it!!! It's so girlish!! I had the other one in gold, but shimmery gold kind. It's soooo pretty too but i dont have a picture of it cuz i haven tried it yet. Tried it in the shop though and fell in love so much with the gold shimmery nail polish.


Ok and today, i went to the hospital again to see a doctor. NO NO NO not taking MCs again ( i admit i am quite a MC queen), but because my mum has been tweeting everyday beside me non-stop about my cough. Everything is fine except for my cough!! Now my mum is suspecting me having lungs infection.... =.=

So she insists of me going to the hospital for another check up.....................
And now I have a new whole set of medicine to eat and complete..... argh h8 it.

Btw, I love all the stuffs that i've bought for myself this month!! Tons of goodies :) Yayyyyyyyyyyyy been spending quite a bit online though. It was sucha wrong decision to have an ibanking account.. urggh!

Ok time check, its 3.53am now. Gotta hit the bed soon!!!
Gta do my International Student Identification Card tmr and shall go for some shopping therapy... hmmmmmmmm....

Have a nice weekend :)

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