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Thursday, September 24, 2009


Now I finally understand why so many teachers tender their resignation after their bond has ended. I think all of us must understand the fact that even as teachers, we are humans too.

We, teachers aren’t there just to facilitate students in their learning. But more often, we have so many other responsibilities like accompanying students on field trips, help with the organization of school functions, and serve as supervisors for extracurricular activities. Some may even have responsibility for student discipline. To top off that, there’s like meetings and meetings and more meetings, its crazy.
I guess even as teachers, we have the right to rest too right?

You can’t expect us to act like a teacher 24/7. Yes we have to be professional and yada yada when we’re in school, but once off school, we are free to do the things we want, no?
(Anyway just to kill your curiousity for most of you out there, I am now doing my contract in a primary school (sort of like relief teaching) before admitting to NIE next year because I haven clear my EPT test, so quit asking)

I don’t think being a teacher, means that u gotta dressed like one EVEN during the weekends. So are u telling me that if u’re a doctor, u should dressed like one everyday too? Like wearing your boring white coat with your stethoscope resting on your neck? I doubt so. So what is it about me, or how did I potray myself to be that u think I am defintely not cut out for teaching?
Its not like I always curse and swear with all the f word + hokkien vulgarities splashing all over my entire blog posts right. And neither do I post up offensive pictures like me pointing my middle finger or me posting up nude pictures right.
So why are all of you thinking that I am a bitch and all!?

You obviously haven’t seen me in school teaching before, how I conduct my lessons and how I treat this profession so seriously. But at the end of the day, once I have finished everything that I am required of, my work ends there, I can be back to ‘myself’ right? Even one of the HOD was talking to me the other day, and he told me that he is actually quite ‘ahbeng’ outside, all his friends called him ‘ahbeng teacher’. He even said “teachers are the best actors you can ever find” because simply we have to act like one fucking perfect teacher even though we may not be one. We just HAVE TO potray that image for everyone else to see. U think teachers don’t smoke too? Well then u’re so damn wrong. I’ve seen so many teachers smoking before in the sly; hiding at the back of the canteen, sneaking out of school etc. So what does this means? Teachers who smokes = bad teachers? I don’t think so.

Of course by judging me based on this space alone, you wouldn’t know any shit about me because who the hell would write every single detail about themselves on ur so called ‘personal’ blog entries when its already quite not personal?

We all have our own social life too and our own ways of relaxation. Just admit it. To someone, it may be in the form of reading a book, staying at home, watching tv shows, using the net. To others, it could be meeting up with friends for a coffee, chat, catching a movie. There are some too, who go clubbing and partying everyweek because that’s how they destress. So anything wrong with that too?
I don’t think so too because we all do have our own lives to lead too. Otherwise, why promote a 5 day work week? Might as well work 7days per week all year round...

Perhaps the day me starting out to work as a permanent teacher ( I reckon is around 24years old), I would have already stopped blogging. Who knows?
Who will still ever read this space? My pri school students? Fellow colleagues? Parents?

When I posted out entries on my thoughts, and please note its about HOW i FEEL and THINK, it turned out that there were so many mean and nasty comments being bombarded to me from almost everywhere.
And when I posted entries about me travelling, there came comments saying I am hao lian/show off.

So when u go overseas, u don't bring a camera along and take pictures? Obviously u do right!! And since I have a blog, why not showcase some of my holiday pictures right!? Anything wrong with that too?
Then when I decided to blog ‘more pictures less words’ posts, I got negative feedbacks again.
So do y'all want me to bore you to death by blogging about my everyday-life-in-school-activities? For example...
1) Today so sian. Students are driving me crazy..... how come teach this topic one whole week already they still dunno anything.............aiyooooooooooooooo


2) haiiiiiiiiiiiii today i stayed back in school to finish up my lesson plan, do up my powerpoint slides for the lesson...........tireddd~~~

Definitely i will blog on my 'weekend' life which are more happening althought not VERY happening but still, anything beats blogging about ur boring school life~

Then now, anonymous people just have to say "You're a fucking bitch", "Stop thinking that u're pretty and popular" and the nonsensical list just goes on......
Get this clear.
Never once did I EVER self claimed that I am pretty/chio/kawaii/mei nu in my posts.

So whats with all of you commenting and saying that I think that I am pretty and popular??
I am not afraid to admit but I don’t think that I am someone who is ugly-ugly. I would say I am an average because its so obvious there are so many, many other girls out there who are so damn hot and pretty. But even if u all really think I am that UGLY-UGLY sort of girl, doesn’t mean that I have no right to take a picture of myself and post it up on the net right?
Afterall, its MY blog.
U chose to view my blog, no one forced you to read it.

So why must u all always give such nasty negative comments like I have cursed and sweared at you+ur parents+ur future children+ur future grandchildren!?

I mean its fine if 1 or 2 out of 10comments are nasty ones but at the rate its going, its like 8/10 are bad ones ok. And not like the nasty comments is just normal-nasty but its damn freaking meannnnnn ok, it sets me thinking if I am THAT detestable?!
Or how can u all really hate-hate someone just based on reading his/her blog entries?!


I admit I am quite la sometimes. But not to this extent right.

Aiyahhhhhh I don’t know la. I am expecting a lot of ‘haters’ comments’ once this post is published, but I really don’t give a heck anymore.


U can forget about having ur mean&nasty comments being published on my posts (hahahahahaaaa) although I will still get to read those hurtful comments.

U all don’t know how hurtful those comments are. The feeling and anticipation of checking out my comment box is like I have placed my entire assets in a single horse racing (quite =.= I know but I really don’t know how else to describe it). And everytime when I see how mean those comments were, its like a thousand arrows piercing through my heart, I feel like crying so much. But I always act up a brave front infront of others and just say ‘aiyo these people damn boh liao hor’ but actually deep deep down my heart is bleeding. I have feelings too ok.

(Just browse through what I wrote so far and i think the sequence of this post really have no coherence at all. Thinking of too many things together at the same time..........)

Ok sucha wordy posts. Shall stop here though I still have so MUCH more to say..


(anyway, do u all prefer this smaller font or the previous bigger font?? hmmm....)

ps: I didn't get any 'haters' comments for this post YET.... I'm pretty surprised lol. Must be thinking high chance that their comments wont be appearing on my blog, so they are stopping all this childish actions~ Haiii should have done this long ago, lol~

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