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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kaching Kaching

I am so expecting all these to be in my mailbox soon :)

Sweet babydoll frock for my oh-so-lazy days~
DSC_0305re-2 DSC_0319re
(image taken from bonitochico)

Biker Jacket in Ivory!
(image taken from textedlove)

WHOOOO the one that i am looking forward the most to....................
(image taken from underage-girl)

I don't know if i will actually put all 88colours into good use, but, who cares right!
The whole palette is so colourful, it totally brightens up my day! :)
I'm so gg to bring it with me to Bestie's house during my next stayover & doll up ourselves tgt!

Oh and anyway, the other day i was shopping in Tamp1.... and then happened to walk pass...

The Oxymask everyone was raving about! And after seeing Xiaxue's advertorial for it,
it's definitely in one of my MUST-BUY-LIST. lol.

And a new scent for myself................. Abit sick of my sister's Chanel Scent already haha!

Whooo i love Lioele's makeup remover! It's water based, definitely much healthier for skins!

My new makeup base, loving the touch of it. It kind of melts into your skin and your skin
feels so velvet-ly smooth after applying! ;)
Purple is best for uneven skin tone - JUST LIKE ME :(

Last but not least............. RedEarth Award Winning Illuminating Skin Fluid!
Hate to admit it but i have a very... i repeat.... very, very, VERY DULL SKIN. It's like,
super lifeless and not glowing at all. So by using this, whooo i achieve the glowy-effect, plus
it totally brightens up my DULL face!

Life has really absolute NOTHING to offer right now, which is damn sad :(
Really need a getaway to get back alive! Soon Soon Soon!!!
(ok back to planning my Dec USA itinerary~)

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