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Monday, August 24, 2009

I love night more than day


Fri night @ Rebel was fun + funny + damn comical!!!! The night started out GREAT because we didn't had to queue for entry, and didn't even had to pay cover charge too cuz the bouncer gave Bestie an entry for 2 tickets the previous time she went, and best still, we had VIP chops!! Whoohoo! Ok, but fact is, we did not make full use of the VIP chops so ohwell..~

Oh anw, music was great. At least towards the back :) And it was hell of a fun night because REBEl's full of amusing people lah... We had all sorts of people talking to us... chinese, malays, indians, angmohs, BLACKS..... and even china girls came to ask us if we wanted a drink =.= We also had people placing bets on us that we're lesbians (wth right?) Ok to cut long story short, it was a very fun night though we didn't even had a single sip of alcohol, we danced as if we're like high on clouds! Most memorable time would be when the whole dancefloor was practically owned by me and bestie, uh weird, why so little ppl stay until lights on? The dancefloor was so empty we could shuffle to and fro, do breakdance and wont touch anyone! Ok just joking we didn't shuffle/breakdance cuz we know nuts about it but u get my drift!
Ok i think anyone who's reading this space really can't get what i am trying to say because fact is, its really hard to describe it out in words.
I cant wait for the next one! It's defintely gonna be better :)




And on the way to REBEL, I met Norwin @ Outram Park cuz he's on his way to Dbl O! Whooo its been 5 months since we last met, the last time was during the collection of the As results which i just bitterly cried all the way out of school............................ :(
P1010241 P1010240

P1010246 P1010243






The freaking guy who took away my virgin dunk!!!

Dunked! I am so unlucky, i got dunked like 20over times, whereas ppl like Ariel got dunked twice only =.= Maybe I have a qian bian face thats why, but that's not the point. It really drains out all my energy from climbing up to the wooden platform to sit, only to get dunked the very next minute, and then i have to climb up to the platform again, and then get dunked again, then................ (cycle continues for 1friggin 1hr) But its ok, at least I was able to do my very lil part for this charity event :)

School's really suffocating me. Totally can't wait for the holidays to come.
I've already planned out a list of things to do! Whoooo sep sep sep lai lai lai!!!

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