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Friday, August 21, 2009


Done by my very funny sister, in her attempt of showing me the buffet in Las Vegas that we missed 2days in a row when we were there. Can you believe it?! 2DAYS IN A ROW WE FUCKING TRIED OUR BEST TO MAKE IT ON TIME, EVEN RAN CRAZILY AROUND LAS VEGAS TO THE FREAKING HOTEL UNTIL EVERYONE WENT MISSING BUT STILL.............. MISSED THE BUFFET. (RIDICULOUS!!!!) Argh omg still cannot believe it haha! Really feel like having eating a crab now (yums).
So anyway I got my very first assignment from ChurpChurp today on Singtel Mobile Youth Plan. Quite amazing you can earn moolah just by blogging, and now, even just by tweeting you earn too! Ohya, thinking if I should go cashout my Nuffnang moolah now, or should I just let it accumulate more and then cashout a big sum out.... hmmmmm........... (anyway continue clicking on my nuffnang ads plzzzzzz!!!!!)

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