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Monday, June 01, 2009

Hotpot Culture


































Friday: Bestie's house to DIY, then @ marina sqaure for hotpot culture with my lovely girls,
i ate alot, perpetually stuffing myself with alot of sambal prawns and... TAUPOKS!!
I even ate some uncooked taupoks cuz i took it right from the plate instead of the
pot =.= Was busy snatching food from everyone that night, as my pot took the longest to
boil cuz i stuff it with too many taupoks LOL. Had a fun night with the girls and hope more
of such gathering to take place, not once in every half a year plzzz!! And yes, i will take care
of myself when im in the states so please dont worry!! More pictures up @ facebook
soon. As to why i took so long to blog, was really busy during the weekend. 11 blisters on my feet......
can u imagine the kind of pain? Exactly 7more days to the USA trip, I dont feel the joy and excitement.

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