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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Triumph - The Big Bra Sale

So the past weekend i was busy doing a roadshow for................... (points to title) lol. I didn't even know it was a roadshow for triumph beforehand man, i just accepted the job because i had the time + pay was quite good too ;) Ohwell, kind of regretted taking up this roadshow cuz although its only a 4hr roadshow, the timing is like 12-2pm, 6-8pm, and its not like within that 4hours you could go find ur friends talk eat laugh watch movie kind of thing. Sadded. Cannot meet up with my bf! :( Somemore im like going overseas for a month can!!!!! =.=

Furthermore, it doesn't only takes my weekend away. The roadshow is damn tiring. If i were to tell you its just parading in town, walking to and fro, sounds easy right? Man it SUCKS ok. Especially when u worked during the time 12-2pm, the sun is seriously burning me ok! And you gotta wear HEELS!!! Screamzzxxzz!! HEELS!!! And its parading from OG Orchard to Isetan Scotts!! Its like the 2 ends of town lah for goodness sake. Each trip takes half an hour and we're supposed to walk 8bloody trips with bloody heelssszzxxzz!!! WTF!!!!

So neh, the consequences, 11 blisters.
My feet grew jellybeans.

And weirdly, think the heels like to bite the odd number toes only.

Jellybean 1

Jellybean 2

Jellybean 3 - in strawberry flavour

Sad right. This is just the right side of my feet lor, plus left side.... damn pain :(

And well, for the 2days me and my partner both ate Pontian noodles!!! Damn nice, whoo i luvva the wantonszzx! ;) The picture do no justice to this wonderful Pontian noodles seriously!




And since the weather was very hot, we were both craving for something that's cold, with ice, so we wanted to buy ice kachang to eat. kekez. Both of us haven't tried sweet talk ice kachang before so we thought why not give it a try right...... so we went to TANGS there, there's a sweet talk there and OMGGGGGG!!! The person dunno how to make ice kachang la!!! I have to explain to her like 5mins to tell her I WANT ICE KACHANG WITH NO FILLINGS, JUST ICE WITH THE SYRUP AND MILK. And being a cheena woman, she obviously dont understand wtf is SYRUP. Omg so ....... Finally when she understood what i wanted, guess what she did?! She took some ice, pour syrup into it together, and blend it tgt.... like.. WTF?!?!!? Isnt it supposed to blend ice, den pour the syrup on top? She bloody BLEND ICE + SYRUP TGT, AND POUR THE MILK IN IT TGT. Omg i feel like fainting on the spot.

Ok this is the picture of the ice kachang. Looks like? NAH!! Tasted quite shit. Dont asked me why i managed to drink it down too, was damn god thirsty. And use straw to suck the ice kachang sia~ omg cant believe it. Had diarrhoea after that, confirm chop guarantee this must be the cause. CONFIRM.P1000962

And my friend had the "Cheng Teng" one.... It doesnt even have the SLIGHTEST taste of cheng teng lor, it tasted weird. And she put the chendol fillings mixed with some cheng teng fillings, blend some ice and TADAAAAA~

And when i tried to tell her that she should not blend the syrup tgt with the ice, that she should instead, blend the ice and pour the syrup after that, she kept defending and said in chinese like "Where got people do like that one!??!?!" I presumes she thinks that making ice kachang is like making ice blended bubble tea; put some ice, pour the powder/syrup in and blend all together.


Well i was damn tired, and i make use of the 4hour break to take a nap @ wheelock lol.



I hate the tube. Its like so short, only at the waist level and it keeps going upwards when u're working, revealing the belly button... EEEEEEEEEEEEEK!



Alright roadshow this week again. Maybe u can catch me in town this weekend 12-2pm, 6-8pm. I wanna wear slippers for this weekend, can i?

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