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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Sigh I think I'm getting fatter and rounder and uglier as days pass.... sad :( I think i lived each day for the sake of eating, do you? Everyday i will plan what i will eat the next day, the day after, i can even plan what to eat during the weekends on monday! =.= Yesterday (wed) i was on the phone with bestie and i asked her whether she wants me to pack lunch for her on fri and she said "ok!!", and my next question, "okokok, pack what pack what? what u want to eat i go dabao for u!!!"................... she was like (??!?!?!?!!?!?) hello its only wednesday, we meeting on friday.... gua..

how like this!

Anyway, friday im heading to her place first to do some DIY! hehehee wonder if it would be successful :) And thereafter, im going out to meet my dear girlsszxx!! :) Its sort of a meetup before i leave for the US. K some friends are asking me out already to meet before my US trip, sigh i wonder if they thinks that i would die there, or get infected by H1N1 flu virus, or suay suay genna terrorist attack... LOL! But nevertheless, thanks all for your concern!! I will takecare one ok!! :) I buy mickeymouse for all of you from disneyland ;)

Sigh cant believe i'm going to be apart from B and close friends for prolly a month! :( worst still, i may, MAY have a job this coming weekend and next weekend, and im leaving on the following monday! Which makes it even more difficult to meet up with B, who is currently very very very busy with his NDP.... sigh!

ok let me whine abit more....
ohya. Hits recently been increasing... by 2times!! Should be happy so many of you out there are actually reading this space, but this means i have to watch more of my words and stuffs i blog about. SIGH.

Feeling damn broke and bored now!! Although necklaces sold did earned me quite a sum, but i was doing postage yesterday and since im out, i went to have a walk... and.... NO NO NO. Wrong... not clothes this time round plzzz.. I bought new make up essentials from SaSa!!!! =.= Think the salesgirl must be damn happy to have me as a customer (can see when she is mouth-talking to the girl at the cashier like "she's my customer ok!!", =.= ok obvious got commission). One of my buys included Mineral powders!! Always see it in CLEO magazine, like good ah, so thought of giving it a try!! :) And not forgetting, concealer for my dark eye rings cuz current one is finishing soon, trying very hard to "gor" the remaining concealer out lol (stef u know what i mean!!! learn from u one!!!!!) And guess what, i reached home to realise, i actually also purchased those concealer cum healer for dark eye rings online few days back from this online shop that supplies "Nu Ren Wo Zui Da" stuffs, ok very GREAT. I have 2 concealer for my eyes now...... =.=


And i was actually SO bored that i went to research on "Titanic".. yes correct, Titanic! I went to read the long chunk of titanic wikipedia.. and then did research on the some people like Captain Smith, the leader of the band, Wallace Hartley, who led the group of band playing until the whole ship sank, the coward Bruce Ismay.. LOL! Can u imagine how bored was i? Think im the titanic pro now la... come throw questions at me, i can answer all of them!!! (ya right...)


Bloody Biztrading still owe me $200 cuz i helped them to do some promotion!! C'mon they said they would give me my pay by 4weeks! When i was @ the company asking when i can get my pay, they say it might delay, meaning more than 4weeks. And when i msg the person in charge if i can get my pay by 8th june (which is 6weeks alr), he fucking NEVER REPLY MY TEXT!!!! Bloody hell!!!!! I WONDER IF THEY'RE OUT TO CHEAT MY MONEY LOR.... lol but i doubt so haha!


Saw this in Cleo Magazine too:

Q: I'm thinking of settling for Plan B - being a teacher - rather than finding something I really love to do (Plan A). I feel really lost. Help!

(ok seems like someone is experiencing the SAME situation as me..)

A: Here's what I'd do - pursue Plan B while thinking of Plan A. You still need to do something until you decide what it is you want to do. Train for something that'll give you security till inspiration hits. Think of your strengths and interests, and how they can translate into a career, and you may discover your ideal job.

So, moral of the story? Stick to being a teacher.

URGGGGGH.. shall stop my whining.
Count the number of "Sigh" man...

It's bored cooping up at home, but I dont have a choice!!! How can i go out when i am BROKEEEE!!! Sigh.......... All those pretty clothes are just tempting me.....

SIGH! :(

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