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Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Hello everyone, I survived the torturous 25hours flight yay!! Anyway I have alr safely arrived in LA, the airport seems damn rundown ok! Tsk still Singapore the best. Think Im gonna freeze to death for the next 21days, I brought denim shorts, high waist skirts, shirts, tanks, some sockings cuz i thought it would be summer! And my dajie kept telling me i would get sunburnt so I was kind of expecting the weather to be like Singapore. But noooooooooooooooooo, its freaking 24degrees in the day (like air con temperature) and drops to 15degree at night. I confirm die. Arghh!!
Wanted to upload some pictures today but i am very tired now, I am now left with only 5hours of sleep before I have to get up to prepare to go San Diego. Zzzzzz. Ohya. I want to sue Singtel man. They didn't activate my auto roam!!! Baby please get it done ASAP ok no joke, i dont want to die in Yosemite during the last week ok!!!
Ok gotta sleep, update soon toodles~

ps: So sad only 3 people commented for the below post, wahlau!!!!!!!

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