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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

8th June in LA

PS: Do u guys think i should bring back some clothes from f21,
papya, gap, old navy, H&M etc, and then sell it online? Prices
are definitely gonna be cheaper than what is sold in Singapore
but still, it may costs $30-$40++, would u guys pay this amount
to shop online? I'm contemplating man. I feel like bringing in to sell
but not sure if there would be any response!! Argh~ I dont want to have
many excess pieces, afterall its still not that cheap-cheap.
What do you think?

Bestie came to send me off!!! So sweet ~



My baby~





Dont laugh at me for wearing 2 watches. LOL~ One sg time w date, the other US timing ;)











The venue for the Academy Awards! but dont have the red carpets this time round!






yay this is nice! :)

father is very the full

we too..

That was 8th of june, Mon in LA! :) Some photos only.Was kind of jetlag i was so
tired i sleep everywhere! lol. Derek is kind of amazed of the amount that i can
sleep. Anyway, i kind of give up wearing the mask alr because its simply TOO BIG
for my face. It either slides down to cover my entire neck and mouth
only (exposing my nose, whats the point?!) or i pull it up to cover both my
mouth and nose, it covers my eyes too~ =.=

Ohya, went to Sea World today so so damn funn!! yay i love Shamu the
killer whale :) Lucky i didnt sit at the soak zone, people sitting there really
got soak but they look like they had a ball of fun being splashed at! ;) Went to San
Diego outlet mall too, but sad to say i only had 2hours there, so sad. Me and
my mum whacked those coach man!! Good Good. Got a coach wristlet for
myself and kind of lucky it was the last one. I wanna get one for Bestie too.
Shall try my luck @ the las vegas outlet :) Got a gap slippers too cuz my
fav Havaianas slippers gave way today while i was doing my jumping
shot so sad :( Also got a bandage dress from Papaya, the clothes there so nice
and cheap!! Compared to local F21, topshop~ Went to f21 outlet too,
there's so many things there my eyes nearly went X.X but i didnt
get anything because...... i dont know why. But i really love the bandage
dress from papaya :)

Anyway, how's everything in Singapore?!

(ps: already 500 odd photos for 2days, man, whats more for 21days!!!!)

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