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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Food 2 share


I love the way you say I love you,
And the way you stare.
I love the way you call me baby,
And the way you play with my hair.

I love the way you try so hard,
To always keep me happy.
I love the way you express your feelings,
And never make it too sappy.

I love it when you hold me,
As we lay together.
I love everything about you,
And I want to be with you forever.

I love you, you're my one and only
I may not show it in the best way
But I really do love you
And that's all I have to say :)

Creamy soup with seafood!

Fried rice filled with love :p

Eggs w cheese sausage :)
Well, my 2nd sis would name it the "legendary eggs swimming in a pool of oil". This would, i think, probably date back to 2years back, when i cooked for my 2nd sis for the first time! And apparently, the eggs are so glossy and shiny (can see reflection ok!), and no matter how much tissues you use to suck the oil out, its still as glossy as ever. Hence, the name :O But hey, improved lots already ok!!! Not oily k ;)

Pan-fried chicken fillet, with Mushroom& White wine sauce. :)
I thought this would be the best dish cuz of the sauce, but the fillet kind of hard to chew :( B likes the sauce though, not quite for me.

I was thinking to cook something safer so if anything goes wrong with the ^ dishes, we still have nuggets to fall upon. hehe

Dessert, longans!!!!!

K think i over-cooked cuz towards the end we were kind of struggling to finish. I couldnt even finish my fried rice :(

Anyway, yay finally went to the hairdresser to cut my fringe!!! Can see the difference not?! I damn sad ok when i came skipping home and keep telling my dajie "See i cut my fringe!! see i cut my fringe!!!", and then my dajie just stare at me blankly and went "Got meh.. no difference leh!!"
(hear hearts shattering sound : ping pong piang)


Ohya, and one good news. B finally got accepted by SMU :) I'm so happy for him!! Afterall its his dream school, my dream school too, but nvm. He shall fulfil my dream of studying in SMU. hehe.

Sigh, would such a clever bf, still continue dating a.. dumb, or what people always say me as, a BIMBO gf?

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