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Thursday, April 23, 2009

A few days ago on a random night while I was on the phone with B....

Me: Do you still love me?
B: Of course I do!
Me: How come? We 2 years plus already leh.. aint feelings supposed to fade?
B: No... I still love you 200%
Me: Ok... So why do you love me?
B: Because u're damn irritating!
Me: EH WHAT?! (attitude tone) and what else?
B: Hmmmm.... and your spiciness?
Me: (????) What do you mean by MY SPICINESS?!
B: Aiyah.. you dont understand one lah
Me: Oh, I dont understand?
B: Ya
B: eh walau dont be crap!
Me: CRAP?!?!?! WHAT IS IT!?!?!? FOOD!!?!? NICE TO EAT NOT?!
B: (silence)
B: Yayaya im here
B: Arghhhh

Lol so i just continue to irritate him the whole night till he's like going to give up, then i said
" Ok lah, today let u off, u go sleep. Continue to irritate you tmr!!"
Then he's like " Ok, i will go think how to counter-attack you tmr!! (Can imagine him sticking out his tongue)"
Lol. So his so called of "Counter-attack" is actually just copying what i said, and say it one more time, which in the end irritates the shit out of me. =.=

Anyway, I really feel like visiting Venice one day. It seems like its a country with countless of stories behind it and i really love the view, the colourful building. I remember one night watching a program hosted by Bryan Ng, he was in Venice doing the show and the country just looks so lovely! Even the colours' on the houses has a meaning behind it, and they are not allowed to any-o-how paint any colours they want! How cool is that!
But just wondering..... would there be shopping? Otherwise I would be bored to death. hehe :O



On a side note, I feel like cooking for B when he books out tmr. What should be on the menu? Cream spaghetti? Nah he doesnt really likes cream sauce. Western? Or just normal home-chinese-cusine?
Hahahaha just hope i dont burnt down the whole kitchen! Well im not someone who always cook u see..


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