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Thursday, December 01, 2016

🍁 Autumn in London


Follow me on my 6 days trip to London!

It was a pretty last minute decision to fly up to London last month to surprise Hewatt's brother for his birthday!
This time round, we flew via Malaysia Airlines at a steal for only $830 round trip!! And I booked it only 1 week in advance? LOL. Love Skyscanner for this reason hehe. Btw, Malaysia Airlines has definitely revamped themselves! The food, services, comfort of the seats, everything.... they were all AMAZING! Totally didn't regret flying with them!

Finally after 15 hours of flight time, I AM BACK IN LONDON Miss this city too much already!
2a 2aa
Stayed in an Airbnb apartment for the 5 nights I was there and I absolutely love it! Location was at Knightsbridge and the apartment was only a 5mins walk to Harrods. Whooooop!!

Anyway we arrived super early in the morning at 9am? Thank God its an Airbnb apartment cuz the friendly host, Ed allowed us to check in early! We were able to crash and catch up on our sleep! Snoozed till 12pm before waking up!
First stop was to Oxford Circus!
2b 2bb
2d 2c
Hi London, I've missed you!

On Ed's recommendation, we had our lunch at Cecconi's, an Italian restaurant near Bond Street!
2e 2f
Food was really good but it wasn't cheap at all! The thing about UK is that I have to treat the figures like its in SGD, cannot always multiply by 2 else sure heart pain!! Hahahah

5A Burlington Gardens London, W1S 3EP

Then it was back to SHOPPINGGGGGGGGGGGG at Oxford Circus!
2h 2g
Both top and skirt from BKK!
Bomber jacket c/o CARRISLABELLE. It surprisingly did its job really well and kept me warm throughout the day! Quote Shenny for discounts! Comes in alot other colours too!

So yes we pretty much spent our entire day walking up and down Oxford Circus LOL. Love this area but I also feel so bad for my wallet. Lol. More of my Day 1 snaps here on my Dayre (London Day 1)!

Rise and shine! Off to Borough Market on this day!
3a 3b

This is probably one of my favourite market! Although its very touristy and a lil pricey, I really love the food here and the whole ambience! It was a good choice visiting here on this day cuz it was a Friday and it was also alot less crowded!!
First time seeing a rather 'empty' Borough Market! LOL

It was also my first time ever to get myself a proper seat with table over here!! The past few visits, I would stand while eating cuz there's absolutely zero space lol
3c 3d
Got myself a burger, seafood paella and grilled scallops! YUMZ

Nearest tube station: London Bridge

Since Tower Bridge is only a 10mins walk away, we decided to take a slow stroll to visit it!
3ga 3g

And tadah, arrived!! Actually damn lame, this is like my 3rd time here?! And its not that I wanna visit here, but because I wanted to do the running video and wanted to feature Tower Bridge in it, so I had to make a visit back here again. Lol. #thingsido
3ia 3h

Well, since already here, might as well take the opportunity and snap some photos right! Hehe
3j 3k
3l 3m
3s 3r
Both my beanie/hat/beret (what is it even?! I am not even sure myself lololol) and pink coat is from Taobao!

Nearest tube station: Tower Hill

3ta 3tb
Got myself a cone of soft serve too while walking back to the tube station! Don't you love eating ice cream in the cold weather? 

And if you're thinking.... hahahaha yes I visited St Paul's Cathedral as well for video purposes. Damn lame I know but hey... this is effort right!!! Gotta thank H for accompanying throughout this journey and also for 'running' with me! 
I know he doesn't like it at all, in fact he hates it to the core!!! Yet he's willing to do so because he knows I really want it done and he'll do anything to make me happy :)
3w 3x

Not sure if I was lucky or what but the moment I was done with the video, it started pouring like mad and we had to seek shelter! Thank God we made it in time!! Yessssssaaaa!
Nearest tube station: St Paul

Had our dinner at Nando's! If you haven't tried Nando's in the UK, then you should!! So much better than the one in SG! H and I then walked back home after dinner when we came across these Christmas lights!! And that means picture timeeee!
3z 3y
Crashed early that night cuz we gotta wake up really early the next day! More snaps etc on my Dayre (London Day 2)!

Woke up extremely early cuz we had a morning train to catch to Manchester!
4c 4b

It was H's brother birthday on this day so we took a day trip down to Manchester! The birthday boy wanted Burgers & Lobsters for his birthday lunch so yup here we are!! There's also a few outlets of B&L in London btw!
The standard portion of a small lobster with the sides cost £20 if I am not wrong!
We got ourselves the catch of the day weighing 2.6kg! And it costed us £114 for it! Look at that huge pincer, full of meat!! We had it half grilled and half steamed! Super fresh, I love it!!!!

Pretty much spend the rest of the day walking around the main town before boarding our train back to London! Yes again, really lame cuz we spent 2.5hours to get to Manchester from London but only spent 6 hours there~ Then it was another 2.5hours of journey back to London! This is #WhatTheOngBrothersDo LOL
4f 4g
Top from Korea // Skirt from Primark //  Coat from Bershka

Thankfully, this was my 2nd time to Manchester so I didn't really feel like it was a wasted trip! More like re-visiting some of the places that I've been before :) More over here >> Dayre (Londay Day 3)


We visited Soho today! But first, F O O D!!
We googled and this lil restaurant called 'Flat Iron' kept popping out so we decided to give it a try! They are famous for their £10 steak! We also ordered their premium Wagyu steak (£18) to just taste the difference! The wagyu was definitely fattier, juicer and it meltzzz in your mouth, but both were equally good in their own ways! Highly recommend this place for its affordability!
5ba 5b
2 outlets in Soho, 1 in Covent Garden & 1 in Shoreditch

Onwards to Chinatown!
5c 5d
This is also where you can find the famous roasted duck at Four Seasons! I don't eat duck so well, I can't judge it if its really worth the hype! But so far, I've always heard of praises so I guess it must be really good!


From Chinatown/Soho, take a short walk and you'll arrive at Piccadilly Circus!
5f 5g

I like how this whole area is so walkable to one another!
5i 5j
Dress from Taobao // Coat from Bershka // Boots from Primark

I also managed to buy a Michael Kors bag at a steal! It was originally £220 but I got it at only £110! Half price eh!!

It was dinner time soon and we met up with Jung, who is H's Uni schoolmate back when he was studying in the UK!
We had our dinner at Tozi which serves tapas food!

I was honestly getting sick of the UK/Western food so this Tapas dinner was something refreshing! It was damn yummy too so thank you Jung for bringing us here! :)

8 Gillingham Street, London SW1V 1HJ

After dinner, we went to have SOJU BOMB!!! This was at a Korean restaurant/drinking place which Jung said is pretty hyped now in London! Not sure where is it tho cuz I kinda followed blindy, so so sorry!

Went home a lil drunk but still managed to snap a shot at Harrods before heading home! Yay!
5o 5pa
It was a truly fun day! More on Dayre (London Day 4)!

Started off our day with brunch at a super random restaurant near the palace!
#FollowShennyTo Buckingham Palace!


Also my 3rd time here. All for that V.I.D.E.O!!! *sighs*

6d 6e
Love my skirt btw! Got it from BKK Platinum mall! Floppy cap from BKK as well!

6i 6f
6k 6j

From Buckingham Palace, we took a short stroll and arrived at St James Park! I used to visit this park often and even had a picnic here with my sis a few years ago cuz my sis's apartment is just 5mins walk away!
6l uri_mr1477347082508
So tranquil and serene :)


Nearest tube station: Victoria

Next was to Big Ben! How can I leave this iconic place out in my video right!!
6s 6t
6v 6u

I was also approached by @habiyeah cuz she wanted to take a photo of me to draw/illustrate me!
Love it!! Thank you dear for tagging me :)

Cross the road and the London Eye is directly opposite Big Ben!
6x 6w
Nearest tube station: Westminister

Visited this pretty cafe too called Aubaine! (well, I saw it on Instagram and wanted to visit it hehe)! It is located inside Selfridges!
6y 6z
Really pricey but we just wanted some light snacks and a place to rest our feet! Kinda sad I didn't have the chance to sit at the pretty corner tho cuz it was packed! So I was seated at a normal table~

Went back to our Airbnb apartment to chill before heading out again for dinner!

Had our dinner at Hawksmoor on the recommendation of my friend back in Singapore! Googled it and realise there's one outlet just further down the street of our airbnb. Spells p-e-r-f-e-c-t!!!
Hawksmoor is famous for their steaks as well!

6zc 6zd
This meal wasn't a cheap one, think it was near £160? Which makes it almost $290 for a random dinner -___-

But anyway, we had half a dozen of fresh oysters (so good!!!) to start with, customised cocktails (I heard from H that they won some awards for their cocktails!), 2 portion of amazing Ribeye steak cooked to medium rare perfection! We also had grilled bone marrow which was something totally new to me! Didn't regret trying it tho cuz it went so well together with the steak
We also had creamed spinach and roasted field mushrooms to share!
What a fulfilling dinner and I couldn't stop thanking my friend for recommending me this place! H was really satisfied with it as well! Will definitely return to Hawksmoor again if I ever visit London in the future!

3 Yeomans Row, London SW3 2AL
(there are also 4 other outlets around London)

Also, for more: Dayre (London Day 5)

Sadly, it's our last day today! No time to lose so off we went to Hyde Park which is also just behind our Airbnb apartment!
It was about a 10mins walk!
7a 7b
Love that the swans & ducks were all roaming around freely!

7c 7d
7e 7f

A video posted by Shenny Yang | DJ Shenny (@shennyyang) on
Maples leaves everywhereeeeee

Happy to be back in London again together with you after 2 years!!

We were done with Hyde Park within an hour and rushed off to get change for our lunch date with our Airbnb host, Ed!

We had our lunch at MARCUS, a 2 Stars Michelin Restaurant!
7j 7k
We had the 'Taste of Autumn' tasting menu! 5 courses for £49!
Pretty worth it uh! Bet it'll cost so much more if its dinner!

Food was good but the service was even better! They were so attentive! Definitely deserving of the 2 stars!

7m 7n
With our host, Ed! Thank you for the lunch treat!! It was also such a joy knowing him and getting a chance to stay at his amazing house! Seriously his house is the bomb! So many facilities that u can use, he even has all the Dj equipment cuz he said it is a hobby of his! And well, H as usual, was super glued to all Ed's games and whatnot. Lol

The Berkeley, Wilton Place London SWIX 7RL

Since there was still some time to spare after lunch, H and I made a quick trip to the few museums located a few blocks away from our house! This was at Victoria and Albert Museum!
7q 7r
Nearest tube station: South Kensington

Just a lil further down the road and you'll arrive at Natural History Museum! I've been to this one during my first trip to London and I remembered visiting here with my mum! A really cool museum, a must visit if you have the time to spare while in London!
But for now, photos of the exterior building will do~ lol
So pretty isn't it!!!

7w 7x
7y 7z
Bodycon dress from CARRISLABELLE // Outerwear from H&M

And then it was time to head back to the airport!

It was a super short trip but it was well spent! Also, special shout-out to my favourite sponsors for the following:
Hair: COVO Singapore
Eyelash extensions: Millys
Gopro camera:

Can't imagine life without them one day! Okay that's a really picture-intensive post. LOL
Hope you guys weren't bored or something! Till then!!!
xx, Shenny

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