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Friday, October 23, 2015

Milly's - Nails & Eyelash Extensions!


Ever since I was introduced to eyelash extensions a few years back, it's really hard for me to say 'No' to it. I bet you girls must have at least heard before from others that "Eyelash extensions are painful" or "It caused my own real lashes to drop!", which are actually not entirely untrue. I have had my own fair share of such encounters, especially at a particular store in FEP which I shall not name.
However, being the vain me, I still gave a couple of tries at random places, hoping to find one that suits me best! Honestly, I don't know why it took me soooo long to finally give Milly's a try (Note: I was a paying customer for quite a while back then!) and I was pretty satisfied with their service and outcome!

About 2 months++ ago, I finally embark on a sponsorship program with Milly's which is one of the more reputable and biggest nails & eyelash extensions salons in Singapore.

Previously on my first visit, I did the 'Cluster Eyelash Extensions' which are
- more long lasting (typically lasting for at least 1 month)
- the lashes doesn't get tangled together
- denser & thicker looking, which on the down side means it is less natural looking
- a lil uncomfortable for me as I can 'feel it'?? Kinda feels like wearing falsies 24/7

On my second visit, I opted for the 'Single Strand Eyelash Extensions'!
The perks of Single strand lashes...
- much more natural looking as they are extended strand by strand
- VERY COMFY! Sometimes I even forgot that I have these extensions on! It feels like they are ur own lashes!
- lashes are much softer

However on the downside...
- because it is strand by strand, it falls off much easier as well
- it's easy for the lashes to be tangled up as they are single strand

Here's the progress of my own lashes to being fully extended:

And if you are wondering, nope the process isn't pain at all!
The most you'll feel is the stingy sensation when you try to open your eyes if the glue isn't 100% dried yet! However they do provide an electronic mini fan for you to blow constantly so it helps the drying process alot! Usually it takes about 10mins for it to be fully dried?

Next, I also did my nails!!
Really impressed at the speed they work. I was in and out of Milly's in 2hours++?? 
And I did full Manicure + Pedicure + Eyelash extensions!!
Dead skin begone

Here's how my nails look like now:
I think I really have to comment is that THESE NAILS ARE SO LONG LASTING I am not even kidding ok. I am usually kinda clumsy so my nails always end up chipping after 2weeks? Or either that, the polish starts to peel off which is mega annoying.

So it's been 1month-ish already and yet my manicures are still FULLY INTACT. Of cuz, some of the jewels did drop which are inevitable. But I am saying about the chipping and cracking and peeling, none of it happened!! Whooazzz amazed. *claps*

Love it that I wake up everyday looking like this! 
Also, it saves me SO MUCH TIME on makeup! These extensions are especially helpful when I am overseas... so I can sleep a lil more and spend less time to doll myself up. Hehehe

After 1 week:

After 2 weeks:

So 3 weeks was the maximum my previous eyelash extensions could hold before it started tangling and going haywire!

I visited Milly's about 2 weeks ago before my Indo trip to get a touch up and this time round, I chose Cluster + Single Strand Eyelash Extensions! YES, I COMBINED THE BOTH OF THEM. Smart or what!! Lol

Cuz I figured out that I really like the softness and how natural looking the single strand lashes are, yet really miss the long-lasting effects the cluster lashes could give. So, why not combine the best of both worlds right!!

I'll never ever do cluster or single lashes anymore!
I just came back from Bali last week, I did snorkelling and all yet my lashes are still in a good condition. Like 8/10 condition?? Not that bad at all! Let's see how it would be after my Seoul trip ;)

If you're interested to give Milly's a try like how I did, mention my name 'Shennyyang' to get $5 off eyelash extensions! Prices for the extensions range from $65-$100 depending on what you do!

Suntec City Mall (Main branch) #03-324/325
6238 6216

Far East Plaza #03-131, #03-141
6737 6723

Bugis Village, Level 2 @ Bom Bom Street, DESL No 3, 4, 5
6338 4137
(This is the outlet that I visit now!)

Bugis Cube #02-12
6337 6876
(This is the outlet I used to visit when I was a paying customer!)

That's all! I'll update soon again aites.
Much love,

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