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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

9th Monthsary // Spago

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Last tuesday was H and I's 9th Monthsary! However I was in Indonesia on a work trip and I felt sooo bad honestly!! I was also telling Frans "Aww this month no flowers :( " not knowing that Hewatt and Frans were actually coordinating with one another planning on how to get me flowers while I was in Indo. So sweeeeeet righttt :') SADLY, the plan failed as it was really difficult to get flowers in Komodo Island~

So the moment I landed in Singapore on Saturday, H picked me up at the airport with a bouquet of flowers!! Something I didn't expect since our monthsary was already over?? Really didn't expect to still receive a bouquet hehehe. Big hug to this guy❤️
He then brought me to a romantic spot to have our late dinner :)
7 roses for me cuz 7 is my favourite number. Hehehe

H brought me to Spago by Wolfgang Puck located at the 57th level of MBS :) The original Spago in West Hollywood, California is actually a 2 Michelin Stars restaurant! I have tried CUT (a steakhouse), also by Wolfgang Puck a couple of times before so I was really looking forward to Spago ever since it opened about 3 weeks ago!
Here's the amazing view from up and above:

There are 2 sides to Spago - the Main Dining Room & the Terrace.
We had our late dinner at Terrace as it opens till late. It is also more of a place for cocktails and small plates of food!
This was the best dish I had that night!! Oommmpphhhhh PASTA STUFFED WITH SWEET CORN TOPPED OFF WITH WHITE TRUFFLE! Whoa these sweet corn must be the SWEETEST sweet corn I ever had!! Also, thankful that I made it in time for the white truffles before it's out of season. Thank you H for arranging all of this with Chef Josh for me :)
This dish was sooooooooo good, I secretly wished it came in a bigger serving. Hahaha but well, Terrace serves small plates of food so I'm not gonna complain!

Grilled Korean Pork Belly with cucumber kimchi!! The meat was surprisingly soft and tender! LOVE IT!

My 2nd favourite dish - Grilled Japanese A5 New York Steak! Done to medium rare perfection, it MELTZZ in the mouth!

Can I mention how much I miss my steak and pasta and everything 'western' after a week in Indonesia?

And my favourite cocktail by them - Rough Love.
This drink is for the ladies cuz it's on the sweeter side which I love. It is a 100% alcohol drink consisting of Death's Door Gin, Shiso, Sparkling Yuzu Sake and Champange. It tastes sweet and totally does not feel strong at all, but boy, so wrong! Just 2 glasses of this and I bet you'll feel pretty good after ;)

Thank you H for doting on me as always :) You are such a blessing in my life!
I am wearing a #madebyNM series dress from NEONMELLO
10% discount code: NMXSHENNY

This is a really incredible romantic spot to bring your partner for a date! Highly recommend it :)

Marina Bay Sands Level 57
6688 9955
Main Dining Room: 6pm - 10pm nightly (11pm on weekends)
Terrace: 5pm till late (the one I went, for cocktails and bites)
Much love,

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