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Monday, July 20, 2015

Lactacyd Feminine Wash + free samples!


Today's post will be a little bit more sensitive and intimate at the same time... but I am more than happy to be sharing about Lactacyd, a feminine hygiene wash for us ladies to help take care of our intimate area! Lactacyd is the Number 1 feminine wash in Singapore and leading expert in Feminine Hygiene Care.

Fun fact: Do you know that only 4 out of 10 women in Singapore use a feminine wash? 
I think it is really important to use a dedicated feminine wash and we girls, should incorporate it as part of our daily regime. 
In all honesty, I only started using feminine wash earlier this year cuz I never really see the importance of it. 
"Isn't water and normal body soap enough??" That's what I thought.

But ever since I started using feminine wash, I am never turning back! And that's why I was quite thrilled when Lactacyd sent me so many bottles of feminine washes!! Really couldn't wait to try them all out to see the differences :D

But for now, let me share more about the Lactacyd Soft & Silky!
What is it?
• Contains milk essences lactic acid and lactoserum that helps maintains our V's pH balance
• Contains extra 10% more milk essences to keep our V smooth for grooming aftercare
• End result is a clean, silky soft & smoother feeling V :)

Why should we use it?
 Our pH level of the V is naturally acidic, thus using mere water/shower gel is not enough. I feel that we should have a dedicated wash to take care of our most intimate area which will help maintain the pH balance of our V.
② Just like how we use a facial wash for our face, a specific shampoo for our hair, a shower gel for our body... don't you think we need a feminine wash too to keep our V zone pampered?
③ Sweat is not only produced where we can see it, it is also being produced in the V zone! I am sure you all know that when sweat is present comes odour as well. Having an odour down there is something I don't think we girls should ever, ever ignore!

Why do I like the Lactacyd Soft & Silky?
• It is mild and doesn't stings my sensitive V! I have had a few bad experiences before when I used normal shower gel and it stings my down there. OooUUccCHHHhh it was pain!
• It keeps my V moisturized and skin around the V smooth!! 
• I freaking love the after-wash smell lol
• No more odour and itchiness!
• It is smoother than before!
• Helps me reduce in my vaginal discharge which can get pretty uncomfortable at times
• Perfect for my after-grooming (Brazilian wax etc) cuz it moisturizes it further so that it's not dry!

And what if I am out of home? These Lactacyd feminine wipes are totally handy! 
It is definitely a major saviour especially when the public toilet is out of toilet papers~ 
One swipe of this and my V is feeling all fresh again!

Lactacyd feminine wash also comes in other variants to suit different needs on different occasions!
5a 5b
Lactacyd White Intimate: for a fairer looking skin around the V in just 4 weeks!
Lactacyd All-Day Fresh: keeps V feeling fresher for a longer period of time
Lactacyd Cool & Fresh (not in picture): Leaves your V with refreshing minty sensation

5c 5d
Lactacyd Feminine Hygiene: for extra care days (mensuration days or when pregnant)
Lactacyd Revitalize: for a firmer looking skin around the V

Lactacyd, a trusted brand for over 25 years, offers a comprehensive range of feminine products for women at different occasions of their live! I am sure you'll definitely be able to find one that suits you best!

Are you ready to embark on your feminine wash journey starting from today?
Hit on link to redeem your free Lactacyd samples today!
 Redeem free Lactacyd samples! 


Always stay fresh & confident girls!

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