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Friday, July 10, 2015

Growing up~

Late night thoughts:

When I was younger, I couldn't wait to grow up. All I wanted was to start earning my own money, to buy everything that I like, to own everything that I want. I couldn't wait to buy a place I can call my own home.

Now that its been a year since I have graduated, I guess reality really starts to hit on me that life is just not as simple as it seems? Money seemed never enough for me. Honestly I really wonder if its just myself, or does it happen to everyone else too? 
There's just so much more responsibilities now as an adult. The bills that I have to pay, the monthly allowance I have to give my parents now (I used to take my pocket money for granted, but now I know.. those were really hard-earned money), the insurances payments that I have taken over from my mum...... Its just all taking a toll on me.

Sometimes I really wished I was so much richer so I wouldn't have to bother about all these stuff?? And I can travel the world with the money I have while I am still young. Life can just be so tough/annoying at times. I used to jump at any opportunities whenever I could travel, but now??? I'll start thinking of the $$ involved and what I can do with these money IF I don't travel...

Growing up really isn't easy. I definitely miss those carefree school days when I didn't have to give a damn about anything other than studying. I miss it. Now I understand why adults miss their school life so much?? It kinda just hit upon me. :(

Finally, as part of growing up... I guess you'll gain some and you'll lose some. Friends you thought who would be with you right till the end.... may not be there afterall. People change & life changes. And that's okay. Maybe its a fact I gotta start learning to accept.

On a side note, that photo above was taken a year ago and I USED TO BE SO MUCH SKINNIER?? I can't believe at how much I have gained. This is a reminder to myself that I really need to shed all my fats away. I don't know if its part of  my quarter life crisis but these weight just wouldn't go away no matter what!! I tried exercising, I tried dieting but I'll lose at most 2kg or so. And it just bounces back so quickly. What the hell is wrong with my metabolism man?! 

In other news, I hope you guys noticed that I have moved to a .com!!!! Thanks to a friend who managed to persuade me to change it to .com :) This really feels like a big milestone to me, having a domain of my own! 
Until today, I am still amazed at the fact that people actually do read my dann blog! Thank you all for staying by my side all these while, accompanying through my boring life, my relationship-ups-&-downs and what not. I really appreciate it, I really do :)


  1. I still read all your posts ok!! Haha

  2. hehehe im so happy to see you as a .com really! just that have to type www HAHA

    HWAITING u can do it!! i took 2 years to lose 5kg and i believe u can do it too. mind over matter <3