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Saturday, October 18, 2014

IDS Clinic: Fillers for Dark Eye Circles + Hydro Therapeutics Facial!

As the title suggests... today's post will be on my favourite IDS Clinic which alot of you have been requesting for!!
I hope this post would answer all of your queries! :)

Throwback to probably early June.... I consulted Dr SK Tan and told him about my concerns regarding my severe dark eye circles!! I chose IDS Clinic cuz Dr SK Tan is really experienced and I can fully trust his expertise and skills! Eyes are really precious to me and I wouldn't want to risk losing my eyesight if anything goes wrong with the injection of fillers!
Without make-up, I'd look like I haven't been sleeping for 10000years... and even with concealer on, the dark eye circles cannot be 100% concealed!! It is really BAD BAD BAD.
Anyhowz, here are some pictures taken before under going the procedure!
I have make-up on but my dark eye circles are still pretty obvious~
P1010006 P1010011a

Dr SK Tan said that in my case, I have a 'dent' under my eyes (like a curve line under the eye) which creates a shadow, making my dark eye circles even darker and more obvious! 
And even if my dark eye circles can be fully concealed by concealer, this 'dent' CANNOT be concealed!! It has to be 'filled up'... and the only way to achieve this is by injecting fillers into it!

P1010030 P1010031a

I really hated it cuz it makes me look so old and haggard all the time :(
So I was pretty excited to see how the fillers could solve all these problems!


Dr SK Tan explaining to me how the procedure gonna work and assuring me its gonna be painless!! lol

So after a period of numbing + icing around my eyes area.... Dr SK Tan proceeded with the injection of fillers!

Pain Level: 0/10
Lol I seriously felt NOTHING. Dr SK Tan was quick and gentle in injecting the fillers! ;)


And I am really amazed at the results!!
It was INSTANT!!! Z was with me that day and he could tell the difference too! Yipeeee :D

Photos taken just a few days after doing the dark eye circles fillers:

*No photoshopping done to my dark eye circles just in case you are wondering*
This is just how effective the fillers were! I also use lesser concealer nowadays :D


Photo on the right taken approx 3 weeks after when I was in Seoul :)
Just a comparison and I think you can see how much the difference is!!
I used a total of one syringe of fillers for both my dark eye circles and it is only $600/syringe!
Super worth it yes??? :D

* * *


Finally had the time to drop by IDS Clinic again 2 weeks back!!
It's been 4 months since my last visit??? Lol I've been so busy!! :(

Because Dr SK Tan is always packed with patients and waiting time can be long... my current doctor-in-charge is Dr Heng :)
Came back for a review for my dark eye circles, to see if I needed any top-up for my fillers and also to check on my skin condition!! It has gotten quite bad recently :( Especially my chin area!


Dr Heng said the fillers for my dark eye circles are still doing well and that I have been taking care of them pretty well too! Lol. But that's not the case for my skin :(
I have been travelling often and it really took a toll on my complexion!!

So Dr Heng suggests that I try out the HTF Hydro Therapeutics Facial!




One last picture before removing make-up! My make-up has been covering up all my blemishes and flaws pretty well lol

Makeup removed!
As you can clearly tell..... ALOT OF BLEMISHES ON MY CHIN AREA!! :( Dr Heng said this is normal cuz breakouts for adults tend to be around the chin/neck area!


HTF Hydro Therapeutics Facial

So this is how it works...

Step 1
With the Hydrafacial equipment, they use it like a water microdermabrasion. It makes use of the high water jet stream mixed with IDS Clinic's proprietary Multi Mineral Solution. This first step takes off the dead cells off our top layer of the skin. 
(Ps: Here's me without makeup and you can see that my dark eye circles are much better now!!)

Step 2
Using Ultrasound, the skin scrubber removes the comedones off the face easily. Comedones are also known as white heads and black heads. Ultrasound will help loosen the comedones off the pore so that it can be removed easily when the scrubber “scrubs” along the skin. There will also be some minor manual extraction but only for those stubborn pimples. 


Step 3
Penetration of multi-vitamins and whitening serum. Using Iontophorosis, vitamins and whitening serum are better penetrated into the skin for enhanced results.


Step 4
Depending on skin type and the skin condition after the treatment, there are different masks used. In my case, they used the whitening mask to enhance the glow and radiance for the overall result. 

P1010069 P1010072
Me with absolutely ZERO makeup... lol my brows are not even drawn :(
But you can see that the skin now is so glowy and radiant!! 
My skin felt squeaky clean and my nose was DAMN SMOOTH!!?!?!? I could no longer feel the tiny bumps of annoying blackheads :D Super satisfied and happy after the facial!! 

The Hydro Therapeutics Facial costs $198 usually but there is a 50% discount off for first timers like me! So it's only $99 in the end! :)) Yay to great savings!! :D


I also got myself a new C2 Gentle Cleanser since I have finished using mine!
Dr Heng also prescribed 2 new products to me to help me combat my stubborn pimples!

Ideal for the occasional breakout
- reduces and shrinks blemishes fast, in some cases practically overnight
Anti-inflammatory ingredients soothe and reduce redness, while promoting repair at the same time
Formulated with a BB cream-like base, it helps conceal the blemishes too

Effective against active breakouts
- Works to reduce redness in inflamed blemishes & acne scars while preventing further breakouts
Contains RsQ™ Complex, high levels of green tea extract & botanical extracts that work in synergy to deliver optimal results

My skin is slowly but surely, recovering back to its original state! 
Thankful and grateful to Dr SK Tan & Dr Heng for taking care of my skin all these while!
If you have any persistent skin problems, hesitate no more because the best make-up a woman can have, is a flawless base ;)


8 Sinaran Drive #05-07 to 10, Novena Specialist Center (S) 307470
6568 3555

IG: @idsclinic (#idsclinic)


Thank you for reading!!
Till then!

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