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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

To-gather Cafe #cafehopping


Finally had a chance to try To-gather cafe a few nights back!!
I've been wanting to check this out since it is a new cafe in the EAST and the cafe's name is interesting! So happy that more and more cafes are sprouting in the east!?! This one is at Bedok, just beside the famous 85! :D

I had the Butterscotch Cafe Latte ($4.70) and I like it! 
I can't say no to anything that's related to Butterscotch.. most desserts/drinks made out of it are yummyz!

Grilled Pandan Chicken Chop, $8.90
This was just like any normal chicken chop, but the pandan added extra fragrance to it!

Pork Cordon Bleu, $10.90
Jj didn't really like this but it was okay for me! Quite like the cheese & ham stuffed inside the pork loin!

We also had the Seafood Aglio Olio ($8.90) and this was our favourite dish!!
I must really say that they were super generous with the seafood toppings (there were prawns, squids & fish!), and at the price of $8.90!!?! Wow unbelievable.

And yup you saw it right.. 3 mains for the 2 greedy souls :D lol

P1010161 P1010162

To end off dinner, we had the Chocolate Lava with Vanilla Gelato ($5.90).
How can one not fall in love with this simple and easy dessert? Love the warm oozing chocolate! Heaven~


Most items in the menu are priced below $10 so it's really very affordable!
Also, prices are NETT! No gst and no service charge!! Damn good yes?? 
I need more of such food places in the east please!!

#01-27, Blk 84 Bedok North Street 4
6445 1011
Tues-Thurs,Sun: 11am-10pm | Fri-Sat: 11am-11pm

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