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Sunday, April 20, 2014

IDS CLINIC - Shennyyang's Daily Skincare Regime


Hello everyone!!!
Today I'll be sharing with you guys my secret of achieving a better and healthier looking skin!! All of us wish for glowing skin, don't you?! So continue reading on to find out more about my current skincare regime!! ;)


I am SUPER THANKFUL to be on board at IDS CLINIC , together with renowned Dr SK Tan

Dr Tan is one of the foremost physicians in aesthetics and cosmeceuticals in Asia. He was a founding member of Derma-Rx and the Medical Director of The DRx Clinic (my previous skincare sponsor) before setting up the IDS Clinic and launching the IDS skincare range of products.

The Clinic is helmed by Dr SK Tan, who continues the same zeal and dedication to his work, a strict adherence to proper protocols and procedures, as well as a commitment towards using only results-oriented products that are backed up by scientific evidence.
Offering a few decades of experience, IDS Clinic promises to deliver results and client satisfaction. Known for his expertise in the treatment of pigmentary conditions (especially melasma) and acne, Dr SK Tan is also skilled in other aesthetics procedures including Botox®, fillers and various kinds of lasers. His experience includes roles as regional trained in various aesthetic procedures and devices, having trained and mentored numerous doctors locally and overseas.

A key feature of IDS Clinic is the use of its very own clinical skincare range. IDS skincare products were designed specifically to address the most common skin problems that Dr SK Tan has seen in over two decades of clinical experience. And, unlike consumer skincare for the mass market where cost may be a major inhibiting factor, IDS’s products have been scientifically formulated to deliver maximum efficacy, using cutting-edge ingredients in optimal concentrations, and rigorously tested by dermatologists. Some of these ingredients are patent-pending and unavailable anywhere else.

These are the current IDS Skincare products that I had been religiously using!
I will share more details about them on the later part of my post.. but first up..

It's about my recent trip to IDS Clinic + review on IDS Clinic products :)

(recommend to watch at quality 720p HD)




So about a month ago, I finally made my way to IDS Clinic!! Super excited!
It was my first time there cuz I couldn't make it down during the official launch since I was in Batam.. Felt soooo bad about it :(

Waiting area at IDS Clinic

The main colour theme for IDS Clinic is white and green! 
If you don't know, the colour green represents renewal, restoration, rejunvenating etc! IDS Clinic wants customers like you and I to feel relaxed whenever we are there so hence, the colour theme for it!  :) It feels very cosy too!

A few virtual tour of IDS Clinic to show you guys:

A typical doctor's room at IDS Clinic.

8 9


I was then taken to a room by the nurse, had my makeup removed and did a skin analysis!
This was super cool and novel to me cuz I never once did it before! Not even back then at DRx.

Super innovative and also, everything at IDS is paperless! It's all stored digitally ;)
Here's me doing my skin analysis!

Make up was removed entirely except my eye area cuz I still had to take pics for blogging purposes and I didn't want to appear like a ghost on my blog! LOL!
So yeap as you can see... my bare complexion on the center picture looks pretty fine yes? But look at my picture on the right! All my flaws were captured instantly by the skin analysis machine! :O

The nurse was saving my skin analysis data when this image suddenly caught my attention...




WAHHWHEEWHOOO!!! Hahahaha! I wished that's my real age tho :( lol

My skin analysis data was then sent right away to Dr Sk Tan's PC and I proceeded on to his room for my first consultation!
So as you can see from the above image (bare complexion), I have slight blemishes and freckles on my cheeks.
I also have alot of blackheads on my nose which you can't see la lol!!!

Dr Tan explaining to me the causes of my DARK EYE CIRCLES.

Dark eye circles are really the bane of my life. No eye cream has ever helped me. Not even concealer could help/cover entirely because of the 'valley' around my eye area which Dr Tan explained to me. 
BUT!!!! I am now very happy cuz Dr Tan told me a solution to solve it! He said he would deal with my dark eye circles the next visit so till then... I shall keep you all in suspense. I am already SO EXCITED for it! I really hate my panda eyes... :(

Dr SK Tan and I!

I learnt so much from him that day and am so glad that he's willing to share his skincare knowledge and expertise with me! 
Again, feeling so blessed that Dr SK Tan is my doctor :)

Dr SK Tan's Wall of Fame! Lol

Thank you Dr Tan for having me here at IDS Clinic!
It is really my privilege to be here :)

♢ ♢ 
Ok and now, more about about my skincare regime and the products I use!!


Moisturizing and protecting for all skin types 25
Gentle Cleanser - I use it twice daily.

- fragrance free
- contains IDS proprietary RsQ™  Complex and other anti-inflammatory & antioxidant botanical extracts to moisturize and fight environmental stresses
- Gentle for use even on dry/sensitive skin

Gentle daily exfoliation  28
Facial Scrub - I use it 2-3 times a week.

- exclusive product from IDS
- contains ultra fine crystals to effectively exfoliate dead skin cells & speed up skin turnover
- helps in cleaning out impurities & absorbing excess oil
- results in cleaner, more radient & even-toned skin that's soft and smooth to the touch
- gentle enough to use even daily

**This is my FAVOURITE PRODUCT from IDS!!**
It exfoliates my skin to reveal a brighter and clearer skin instantly! Also love that the scrub beads are very fine so it does not feel rough at all on the skin! Everytime when my skin looks dull, or when I can feel that pimples are sprouting out soon, this is the product that I would turn to without fail!

Skin-refinement for oily and blemish-prone skin 30
Oil-control Toner - I use it twice daily.

Super love that this toner comes in spray mist form so no cotton pads are required!! :D Just spray 2 or 3 pumps onto entire face and pat it gently into skin! Takes only about 5 seconds to absorb, super fast! :D

- unclogs & minimizes the appearance of pores
- alcohol-free toner
- contains IDS' proprietary RsQ™ Complex & ingredients such as Green Tea and other botanical extract which help to reduce excess sebum so complexion looks fresh, smooth and matte

Unblocks pores and keeps them clean
Pore - I use it twice daily.
Only apply this on T zone areas (oily areas on your face) and blemish prone areas!

- targets pores by minimizing excess oil production
- reduce blackheads & whiteheads

If you have blemish-prone skin, I highly recommend this product Pore!
I used to have alot of blackheads and whiteheads on my face, especially my nose!! And what bothers me alot is that I couldn't really squeeze them because of the fillers on my nose, remember?? Lol. So what this product does it that it almost reduces the blackheads and whiteheads by 80%, or at least for me!
And for that remaining 20% of blackheads/whiteheads, it SOFTENS them up so that it is very easy for you to just squeeze them out!! I can't do without this product either!

I can tell that is is a very much improved version of CF which I used previously. 
IDS' Pore gets absorbed into the skin very quickly and is not oily at all!

Multi-tasking age-fighter
C-Plus - I use it twice daily on entire face, including eye area and neck.

My third favourite product of all!!! C-plus helped so much in lightening my acne scar marks and especially so for my freckles!! I regretted not putting sunscreen back when I was younger... so girls, DON'T EVER FORGET YOUR SUNBLOCK!! 

- All round achiever tackles wrinkles, loss of firmness, patchy skin tone, dark spots and even acnes
- Boasts a new form of potent but stable Vitamin C, water-soluble Vitamin E & Fullerenes
- Vitamin C: superior antioxidant & collagen boosting benefits
- Vitamin E: aids in skin repair 
- Fullerenes: dramatically smoothen wrinkles due to strong ability to counter free radicals 
- also works as an acne-figher by reducing inflammatory lesions & lightening acne marks 

Comprehensive Eye Care
Bright Eyes - using my ring finger for application, I use it twice daily.

- firming and smoothing serum designed to diminish dark circles, lines & puffiness 
- light & refreshing formulation
- also contains turmeric root & pepper extracts to help strengthen and firm skin, reducing the look of fine lines & wrinkles

Hydration without unwanted shine
Oil-free Moisturizer - I use it twice daily on my entire face including neck area.

- ideal for combination or oily skin
- increases hydration, not grease
- Vitamin C, E and moisturizing botanical extracts help fight acne & lighten acne 

For a natural finish
Non-tinted Sunscreen - I use it whenever I am exposed to sunlight, even when I am staying home (indoors). 
Generally, I apply two thin layers everytime I use it, including eye area and neck. 

- unique non chemical sunscreen
 - boasts special titanium dioxide particles
- blocks infra-red radiation
- keeps skin's surface temperature stable even upon sun exposure 
- Vitamin C provides added antioxidant benefits

*MY SECOND FAVOURITE PRODUCT FROM IDS!!! Best sunscreen I ever used!!*
Sunscreen gets absorbed into skin quickly resulting in a matte and natural finish. I also love that it brightens up my skin, leaving it glowy and less dull :) It works great as a make-up base too! 

♢ ♢ 
I have been using IDS Skincare products for about a month now and I can really say that my skin is so much better!! :) Even my friend said so when I met her up the other day below my blk WITHOUT ANY MAKEUP. Hehehe you don't know how happy I was when I heard that!
I believe that with continued usage, my skin will be even better than before! :) #wantsflawlessskin

Also, contrary to popular belief, IDS products are inexpensive and very affordable
If you're worried if IDS products are worth the price, I would say they are worth every penny! 
Products are able to last for about 6 months! I took pictures of the above products only 2 days back, which is approx 1 month since I have used them so you can gauge yourself how much I have used for this 1 month! Most of the bottles still look pretty full right?
So I can fully assure you that the products will be able to last you for about 6 months! Because the products are very rich in their ingredients, just 1 or 2 pumps is enough to spread around your entire face :)

** UPDATE **
Just got hold on the prices for the products I use. Total price for the 8 products that I am using = $551.70.
It may seem very expensive when you pay it initially, but think about it... If the products are able to last you for approx 6 months, then spreading the cost over a period of 6 months ($91.95/month) isn't quite expensive right? :)

If you would like to visit IDS Clinic a visit and to consult Dr SK Tan, quote my name "SHENNYYANG" to receive FREE CONSULTATIONS from now till 31st May 2014!

"IDS Clinic was conceived with one end in mind – to offer the most innovative and effective treatments at affordable and reasonable prices, without sacrificing quality and professionalism."

8 Sinaran Drive #05-07 to 10, Novena Specialist Center (S) 307470
6568 3555
(Don't forget to quote me to enjoy FREE Consultations till 31st may 2014!)

IG: @idsclinic (#idsclinic)

PS: If you would like to know why I left the former DRx Clinic for IDS. Reason is simple. Dr SK Tan is the reason why DRx even existed in the first place. Dr Tan has since left DRx to set up IDS Clinic and also formulated his very own improved clinical skincare range which I felt would work better for my skin. To top off that, the previous marketing manager also left DRx to assist Dr SK Tan and so, there was a change in the DRx staff who managed the bloggers and the management was honestly quite screwed up & were not as friendly. 
I prefer working with the previous marketing manager and since he invited me to be part of IDS Clinic, I naturally agreed and I have never regretted my decision. Hope this explains why! :)


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  1. Great! Will it really work? I’m so worried about my skin, which has the main problem of acne scars and post hyper-pigmentation marks.