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Monday, April 14, 2014

Affordable Japanese Food: The Sushi Bar / Aji Ichi

Today's foodie blog post will be on my all time favourite...
The Sushi Bar

Well.... maybe you should have seen pictures/me ranting about my insane craving for Jap food recently, which I personally think is quite an expensive crave. Lol. I mean we gotta admit most Jap food in Singapore ain't cheap, especially if you want quality ones!

But I particularly like these 2 places for their affordability to most and also they are GOOD!
So yup!! Here's a blog post on MY FAVOURITE AFFORDABLE JAP FOOD ;)

Salmon Aburi the sushi bar

Bet you heard of this place before because of the famous Salmon Aburi?!!?
This is really one of my favourite to-go-place to satisfy my Jap food cravings ;)

I think the food quality is good and has been consistent each time I visit them!

5 kinds of Sashimi 

Sashimi served here are FRESH and THICKKK. The 5 kinds of sashimi aren't always standardised though. Guess it depends on the 'catch of the day'. Once I had Tako as part of it, but this time round it was Hotate instead! 
All were equally yummy especially Salmon!

Dinner date with my fellow Leo, Huizhen!


Chawanmushi, $2.80
Love that the Chawanmushi stays warm even after.... 15 or even 20 mins. 
The fish roe sprinkled on top complimented it really well!



Sirloin Steak, 100g for $14.90

If you're a BEEF LOVER, this is a MUST ORDER!!!! Cannot emphasize how much I love the steak from here! 
Grilled to a medium degree, the steak is juicy, soft and tender! The accompanying sauce for the steak was great too!


And because of 1) my insane craving for Jap food & 2) The Sushi Bar is really good...
I made a second visit again within the same week!! #iamsocrazy hahaha
With my dark child Gemini, Jasmine!

Normal Chirashi Don, $24.90

This shouldn't be named 'Normal Chirashi Don' at all cuz it's NOT NORMAL!!! Hellooooo, it's like tooooo goooood to be called 'Normal' la. Hahahha. I'd totally name it like 'Happiness in a Bowl' LOL.
All my favourite Sashimi together and needless to say, all were fresh!!

Salmon Sashimi, 3 slices for $5.40

Salmon Aburi, $14.50

This is probably a star dish and a #MUSTORDER whenever you're at The Sushi Bar!!! I can never have enough of this! It is also much less 'gelat' than the Shiok Maki from Koh Grill! The salmon is torched to perfection and it's just a ball of excitement whenever I pop one into my mouth! :D 


Dinner with my babes & bf came to join too!

Sirloin Steak, 200g for $29.80
Yes that's how much I love the steak here so I ordered a bigger portion this time round to share with Jj!

We also ordered the Ebi Fry Salmon Aburi Roll ($16.90) and Soft Shell Crab Salmon Aburi Roll ($16.90) to share! 
If I were to pick, I say go with the Soft Shell Crab even though Ebi Fry is the recommended one! :/

While the settings and ambience here is far from perfect, the food definitely makes up for the imperfection!
No GST & Service Charge here so that's really a two thumbs up!!
I guess the only bad side would be the long waiting time & that only cash payment is available.

Far East Plaza #03-89
9653 6464
Mon - Fri: 12.30-3pm, 5.30-9pm | Sat: 12.30-9pm

♢ ♢ 

Aji Ichi

This is really a HIDDEN GEM in TAMPINES!! 

(taken off facebook)

Located in a coffeeshop at Tampines Blk 139 is this awesome CHEAP & GOOD JAP FOOD!
They don't serve food like sushi/sashimi etc, but Ramen, Udon, Donburi just to name a few!

Chawanmushi ($1.90) and Gyoza $3.80
The Chawanmushi doesn't have alot of fillings unlike others out there... but I love it just as much!
It's a little on the saltier side though. The gyoza was very nicely done as well!

And the MAIN reason why I love Aji Ichi??
It's got to be because of the NABEMONO!!!!
IBERICO PORK Nabemono, $39.90 (feeds 3-4 pax)

I need to really thank Jj for introducing me to this hidden gem!! Now even my family loves it! :D  The iberico pork is just.. too... perfect. You just gotta try it yourself ok??? 

Just look at that generous amount of mushrooms and cabbage. It's never ending... Never once was I able to finish the entire pot of soup. If you're in a group of 5-6 people you might be able to wipe it out! ;)

Other than serving Iberico Pork Nabemono, they also serve
- ANGUS BEEF Nabemono, $49.90
- **ASSORTED (mix of both), $59.90 ** (My fav!)
(all feeds 3-4pax)


Only down side? It's in a coffeeshop settings = NO AIRCON.
It can get pretty hot/sweaty while enjoying this steamboat. Hahahaha so girls, prepare your rubber bands! Guys, come in singlets!! Don't say I no warn ah. Lol

The Beef Don ($7.90) was nicely done as well and the portion was generous! This was actually the first dish I tried when I gave Aji Ichi a try and was what made me attracted to it! Since then, I have been returning so frequently. Haven't had a chance to try their Ramen before though, but it shall be on my check list the next time round! ;)
So happy to be staying in the East cuz there's so much good food here!!

Blk 139 Tampines Street 11 (Fu Chan Coffeeshop)
6785 1600
Tues - Sun: 11.30am-3pm, 5-10pm

ps: I read that Aji Ichi is actually open by Aston who owns Aston Specialities! No wonder it's cheap & good! :D

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