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Thursday, November 14, 2013


Hello world!!!
Just a quick post because I want to share with y'all that..



Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 9.34.02 PM

I know right.. after contemplating for damn long (felt like I have too many social media platforms already lol), and after being persuaded by Eileen that I should faster 'chope' my username "shennyyang" before someone takes it away... so YEA, HERE I AM!

I just did a post today and I would say it's pretty fun??
It's like INSTAGRAM + BLOGGING = Mobile Blogging~
Add everyday's bite-sized thoughts and pictures together and form a post!! There's even really cute stickers to express how you feel!

So if you already have the app, FOLLOW ME!! I look so pathetic with only 11 followers LOLOLOL :(
If you don't have Dayre, download it now! It's available on both the Iphone and Android!

Guess I will have more everyday-updates over there, literally my daily life so.. see you there!!

Remember to follow me okay?? Hehe


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