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Sunday, November 03, 2013

8 KOREAN BBQ - Probably the best Samgyeopsal in SG!


As y'all would have already known, I love anything Korean.. the country, the K-dramas, the songs, the cosmetics and  especially the FOOD!! Sometimes I even wonder if I was born in the wrong country lol. So anyway.. I was really craving for Korean bbq last night and almost settled for Manbok Bbq but I thought it was pretty common. I wanted to try something new and I found out about this place called 8 KOREAN BBQ!


8 Korean Bbq is famous for their 8 Colours Set - 8 different marinated flavoured Pork Belly for $98 which comes along with Banchan and a Seafood Bean Paste Stew! It feeds about 3-4pax but if you're a big eater like Jj and I, then 2 people would be just nice as well!

It also offers the 4 Colour Set at $58 for 2pax!


The place is kinda cozy with the warm lights & all.. best part would be the 4 big TV screens that keeps playing non-stop Kpop Music Videos!! Also, the stools are damn cool cuz you could lift up the cover of the stool to store your bags! How convenient is that!

We ordered the 8 Colours Set cuz greedy me wanted to try all flavours!
Service was fast and prompt and we were served the Seafood Bean Paste Stew in no time!
This was super good!! The amount of seafood was quite generous as well :D
Really tasted like the stews we had in Korea!! Ahhh memories memories~~

Banchan which was part of the set!
Didn't really like most of it lol~ Nicest was probably the mashed potatoes!

BEAN SPROUTS!!! I love bean sprouts, they are so crunchy!!!
Refilled them a zillion times~ lol


Kimchi which was quite disappointing honestly~



Finally... the main stars of the day!!
My favourite in order would be Herb, Miso, Wine, Garlic, Original, Red Pepper, Curry and lastly, Ginseng! Eeeww I hate the taste of Ginseng please but Jj thought that the Ginseng was not too bad! The curry flavoured one tasted pretty much like 'Twisties Curry' so I thought it was kinda weird? Its like eating twisties but in meat form. Lol.

However, thankfully, the rest of the flavours were AWESOME!!! Especially the Herb.. it blew my mind off!! The herb one kinda tasted like those herbs used to make escargots? Super good!!! Miso was good cuz the flavour was strong and salty and I personally prefer saltish stuff. The Wine flavoured one really tasted like alcohol... lol damn cool!?! 

Jj's top 4 would be Herb, Wine, Original followed by Garlic

Also, the meat will be served to you from the mildest to the strongest taste and it's recommended that you should eat according to the flavours presented to you! ;)



Super sinful but super duper yummy!!!




8 Korean Bbq is also a full service restaurant so sit back and relax as the servers grill the meat to perfection for you!!


oh also btw!! Whenever I eat Korean Bbq, I love dipping my meat in this sauce made up of salt, pepper and sesame oil!!! Remember to request for it when you're there ;)


P1010035 P1010037
Slurping the yummy soup ^^


8 Korean Bbq undoubtedly serves one of the best Samgyeopsal (pork belly) in Singapore! I would love to dine here frequently if not for the rather steep prices.. but still, its super worth it!!!! 
I'll definitely be back for more :D

#02-79, The Central (6 Eu Tong Seng Street)
6222 2159
Daily 11.30am - 10.30pm




Walked around Clarke Quay with love after dinner and I really like the atmosphere in Clarke Quay!
Never fails to give me the feeling like I'm overseas.. lol

Happy Sunday to all of you!

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