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Thursday, September 19, 2013

First Day of School!!

Yesterday was my first day of school and I was sooooooo excited about it la!!
Hahaha very weird but I like being in school area.. makes me feel young and it makes me feel studious. LOL. 
Except that I really hate travelling to school... omg I don't know how many times I have said this but I absolutely hate it!!!! 830am lectures are the worst cuz that means I have to squeeze on the train in the morning... Zzzzz. And it takes almost 1.5hours from my house to SIM. No joke leh...

Wished Jj was with me!! I was so reliant on him last sem cuz he would always drive to school so of cuz, he'll pick me up and head to school together.. but now I gotta go to school myself and come home myself. Save me!!
Luckily... Daddy told me he'll fetch me to school when I woke up. Hehehehe *grins from ear to ear*

So anway!!!
I am always damn lazy to dress up for school. More than half the time, I am in denim shorts and slippers. Super plain jane. So sometimes.. I really wish I wouldn't see anyone I know in school, or anyone who recognises me cuz I will be in a super 'cui' state! So if you did see me and feel like I look so different in school VS on the blog.. I hope you understand ok!!

Morning lecture was fine. It was a subject I SHOULDN'T HAVE FLUNKED.
I really understand and know how to do leh.. the whole time in class I was kinda asking myself, "Shenny wth are you doing here!?" Sigh.. careless mistakes are the bane of my life!!
Met Jingxuan up after morning lecture for lunch!! We headed to Holland V~
And decided on d'Good Cafe!
It is sooo pretty inside!

And OOTD for the first day of school!
Because it's the first day, I decided to wear sandals and not slippers. Haha I am pretty sure I'm gonna get lazy over time..

d'Good Cafe was super crowded and even though we had seats, food takes 45mins to be served! 
We were just too fungry to wait 45mins for the food so we left~
Headed to another Italian restaurant just beside d'Good Cafe!
Yay Jingxuan and I during my ridiculous 4hours break between my 2 lectures!

Wild Mushroom Soup!!
See the lil stars on the picture of the food?? That will be my verdict for this dish!

Sirloin steak as my main course and it was @#$%^&*().
Omg come on its like such an atas Italian restaurant and you're serving me this dry and tough steak!? *roll eyes*

Jingxuan's Aglio Olio which was much better!


Oooo and the desserts! They were the best!! :D


Super full after lunch and started to feel freaking tired immediately!
Had only 1 HOUR OF SLEEP the previous day and had to survive from 830am-630pm OMG!?! I usually turn in at about 4-5am ish and wake up between 1pm-3pm. So asking me to sleep early for my 830am lesson was mission impossible!!
Headed to the library to stone for the remaining 2 hours and I wanted to nap so badly!! 
But because I was alone I didn't dare to do it. Everyone around were studying and I just look so out of place if I really did sleep.

So fast forward time, it was finally 330pm and my 2nd lecture started! 
And then it was journey back to the East again.............. *PULLS HAIR* 

Met Jj up for dinner!!
I was so tired I told him give me a simple food and fuss free. Like I don't have to peel or cut or anything. Just put it into my mouth and chew. He was like laughing so badly when he saw me cuz he said I totally looked like a walking zombie and I looked super lifeless!
Decided on Ajisen Ramen cuz I wanted something soupy and I really had no more strength to walk.

Having only an hour of sleep really took a toll on me. I headed home immediately, showered and SLEPT AT 1045PM. Hahaha I bet my parents were super shocked. And after 8 hours of sleep.. I jumped up at 650am today. Wah my body clock super adjusted now. So here I am blogging for y'guys at 8.40am!!
And that's how my first day of school went~

On a side note... super happy for the boy cuz HE GOT A JOB!!
Actually it wasn't his first choice but ohwell I am happy for him!! Gone are the days when we could meet up almost everyday cuz we were both jobless and school-less. Now that he has a job and I got school.. it's gonna be much tougher~ SO SAD PLZ :(

Ok la I am going back to the bed to nua cuz I think the time now is still ridiculously early. Lol
Bye!!! Xx

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