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Friday, August 30, 2013


Took a new Vlog yesterday on August Favvvv :D
Watch it here!

Sorry for the sucky quality!! If only I could edit the colours of the video like how I could for my pictures..

And probably also took the opportunity to camwhore a lil using photobooth :D hehe
Photo on 28-8-13 at 6.55 PM #3

Photo on 28-8-13 at 6.58 PM


Btw!! Just received an email from Tumblr informing me that my tumblr account turned 2 today!
I remember I started out tumblr-ing during my 1 month vacation in London cuz I was so bored everynight before bed time.. Besides being able to re-blog all the usual pretty tumblr pictures, tumblr-ing then felt sooooooooo good for the soul. I could relate to all the love/life quotes.. Hahha. Though I don't tumblr as often now, it's still no doubt a channel I turned to whenever I feel vexed or upset! (like the recent sadness about school)..

Anyway, can anyone suggest some activities that I could do in Singapore?? I always find Singapore super boring and that's why I love travelling overseas so much.. But I'd love to re-explore Singapore since I am kinda free now hehe. 
Shoot me with some ideas if you have any! Thank you! ;)


  1. Try eat play love cafe.
    you can start with the shrink art first!! there are other crafts there that u can do too like diy sock monkey, or dolls. hahaha
    I went there a few times and every single time I spent like a good few hours there.
    plus the food is good and the service too! they are patient with my questions and helped me out whenever I needed it.
    I heard one of their owner or her mom is the founder of a very popular thai food chain in sg! though she doesn't want to reveal which.
    You can look through the photos I took when I was there on my blog!

    I'm sure you will like them.

    let me know how you find the place yeah? ((:

    psps. it's a good bonding chance eh. can make your darling draw your favorite chracter or sth!

    Oh, you can also learn food clay, or join some cooking classes tgt! Macaron lessons are kinda popular in sg right now!

  2. Hello Yvonne!

    Thank you for ur suggestion ^^ hahahah will def give it a try if my bf agrees lol. He kinda suck in art&craft kinda stuff lol!

    Cooking classes sound awesome though!! :D

  3. Yeah! I saw you guys trying out to cook at home too. Maybe can plan like a three or four course meal and cook it from scratch at home?
    Maybe can cheat a little la. like buy tiramisu from da paolo or sth. hehe:P